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Do You Need A Career Breakthrough? Get Clear On Your Career Goals | Ep #118

January 24, 2024

Do You Need A Career Breakthrough? Get Clear On Your Career Goals | Ep #118 If you are ready for a career breakthrough, listen in as Career Transition Coach and Host, Shannon Russell, walks through ways to get clear on your career goals. Shannon discusses a situation with a coaching client and how it led […]

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Do You Need A Career Breakthrough? Get Clear On Your Career Goals | Ep #118

If you are ready for a career breakthrough, listen in as Career Transition Coach and Host, Shannon Russell, walks through ways to get clear on your career goals. Shannon discusses a situation with a coaching client and how it led to her designing a free bootcamp to help women get unstuck as they plan a career change. Shannon’s free Breakthrough Bootcamp starts February 19th and is open to women interested in figuring out what they want out of their career and how to form a clear roadmap to a career change. Listen to Episode #118 of the Second Act Success Career Podcast now!

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Second Act Success Breakthrough Bootcamp


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Second Act Success Career Podcast
Season 1 - Do You Need A Career Breakthrough? Get Clear On Your Career Goals | Ep. 118
Episode - #118
Host: Shannon Russell
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Shannon Russell: Have you been waiting for a career breakthrough? Join me for my free Breakthrough Bootcamp. It starts on February 19th. You can head over to second act to save your seat. It's a week long free bootcamp to help you get clarity around your career and envision what you want for your future.

Do you want to change careers? Are you thinking of launching a business? Or do you just need some direction about what you want out of your work? My Breakthrough Bootcamp is for you. We will have live coaching sessions, Q& A calls, workbooks, resources, plus a free giveaway. Reserve your seat at now and I'll see you on the inside.

[00:00:46] Shannon Russell: Hey, you are you feeling stuck, desperate for a career change or thinking of starting a business, but you're just not sure how to make your first move. I'm television producer turned career coach Shannon [00:01:00] Russell, and this is the Second Act Success Career Podcast. This is where you will not only get the career advice you've been craving, but you'll get tips from career and business along with inspiration from others who have made a career transition to find second act success.

Let's get started.

Welcome to another episode of the Second Act Success Career Podcast. I am your host career coach Shannon Russell.

Get ready for some seriously good vibes today on the podcast, I am excited to announce that I am launching a free bootcamp. It is called the Breakthrough Bootcamp,

And it's all about helping amazing women. Like you get unstuck and shake things up in the career departments. If you have been feeling stuck in your career and you're looking for a breakthrough, then this free week long boot camp is an awesome place to start.

I want to begin by telling you where I got this idea for the bootcamp from, because it, it [00:02:00] really came from such an organic place of just dealing with one of my clients and an idea that I got from a conversation that I had with her.

It was right before the holidays and I was on a call with one of my coaching clients. I'll call her Tiffany for the sake of privacy. Tiffany. And I had been working together for maybe. Four months or so at that point,

She not only wanted to get out of the job that she was currently in and find a new one. But she was also trying to create a business of her own on the side at the same time. I was extra excited because she wanted coaching in both directions of career change and starting her own business on the side.

Well, a few months into us working together. Tiffany actually landed a new role at a new company, but in the same field she had worked in.

The good part about this transition is that she was more excited about her role. The company culture was very different and overall, it just really seemed like a good fit for [00:03:00] her. We were still working on her business idea and trying to get that off the ground as well. And then one day, right before the holidays, we get on a call together and she says, I quit. I was like, whoa, wait, wait, what's you quit?

And she said, no, no, no, I didn't quit my job. But I'm just done. I don't think I can handle any more change. I can't get my business off the ground. And so I'm done.

So we had a pause. And we gathered our emotions. she started explaining that

she really felt like she liked her new role, but ultimately it was her business that you really wanted to get off the ground.

She had gotten the job for the paycheck, which was great. But

She wanted to be her own boss. She wanted to leap into the entrepreneurship world. But really her idea of what this business was, was a mix of just a million different things.

Honestly, if you are multi-passionate then you know what I'm talking about, and I [00:04:00] know you can relate to this feeling of just wanting. To do it. All you want to write the book and start the podcast and do the business and then help this person in volunteer these hours. And it just all ends up becoming so many great ideas that it doesn't leave you with kind of that. Clear vision to move forward.

So it is important, I think, to kind of take that moment. Stop push on the brakes and. Focus on what it is you are truly trying to create because you can create all of the things. But you want to do it all in the right time.


[00:04:36] Shannon Russell: It was during this call with this client that I realized that the first step that so many of us need is to get clear on what we really want. When we're in a place of unrest, when we're not feeling. A hundred percent authentic to ourselves and maybe we're doing the work that we don't love, or we're in a situation.

That's not that pleasant. We [00:05:00] start grasping at straws

because any of those things will be better than where I am right now. If you can relate, give me a high five, a virtual high five, because I think that ends up being the problem that most of my clients face. And most of my friends face and that I definitely face when I was transitioning out of my career in television. To becoming an entrepreneur.

I realized that the first step, so many of us need is to get clear on what it is we want. It's so easy to say that we are unhappy or we hate our work, or we want this, or we want that. But without a plan, without that clarity, we ultimately stay stuck.

[00:05:42] Shannon Russell: And so my new Breakthrough Bootcamp was born

the idea for it was really a light bulb moment after going through this process with my client. I decided that I had to create this free program for people, whether you are my client, whether you are a listener, whether you are just [00:06:00] someone who scrolls and stumbles upon Second Act Success on Instagram. This program is going to give you that clarity, that breakthrough, that you need to be able to get over that first major hurdle and move forward along your path to figure out what your next career move is. So my Breakthrough Bootcamp will be launching on February 19th.

We will meet live for over a week in my private pop-up Facebook group.

In this group, we will have live coaching sessions, trainings, and so much more. Don't worry if you can't make it live it's okay. Because the recordings will be sent directly to your inbox as well. Now you might be wondering what exactly is in this breakthrough bootcamp session.

Let me tell you it's an immersive week-long experience crafted to help women take a pause and start thinking about. What they really want out of work it's designed to allow you to get clarity around the ideas that you have been [00:07:00] pondering in your head.

Do you want a new job at a new company or do you just want different work altogether?

Do you want to start a business? Do you want to just start a side hustle while you're working? Do you want to try something different? Like write a book, launch a podcast, or start doing something like teaching music lessons to kids or volunteering locally with your time. No matter what you're thinking, getting that clear vision is key narrowing down all of the ideas and choosing one to focus on. Is key in any type of change. So this is what we're focusing on during this week long bootcamp. You can get a better idea of what's happening every day.

When you head over to my website, it's And I'll add a link to the show notes for this episode as well.

I truly believe that every one of us deserves to be completely thriving in our professional lives. And that's why I'm [00:08:00] so, so, so excited to offer this bootcamp free of charge.

I want you to share the link for this bootcamp, with your friends who might need a little bit of inspiration or your friends who are feeling a little bit down and out and completely stuck at their job. I want everyone to be able to have access to what I teach my clients on a daily basis so that you can have your breakthrough.

So that you can move forward and really take control of your narrative so you can control your career story and figure out what it is that you want. Spend the rest of your life. Doing.

And trust me. I know firsthand how it feels to work so hard to achieve a career that you want. And then one day wake up and wonder if it's all been a dream. For a lot of us, we are high achieving women. You put a goal in front of us and we set out to conquer it.

Right. We never allow ourselves to take that moment. To ask ourselves. Are we doing what we want to be [00:09:00] doing?

We need that, that reminder to check in with ourselves. And so with this bootcamp, I'm designing it to be a really fun community atmosphere where women can feel not so alone. And wanting to make a shift in their career and wanting to start over and wanting to make a change of any kind. In this community, we are here to support each other. Get inspiration and really feel like we're not so alone.

We will have interactive sessions, and you will be able to connect with other women in the community so that you can overcome self-doubt and really, really start crafting that roadmap for your career transition. I would love that by the end of this bootcamp, you have a plan in place for at least one, two or three action steps. That you can take once our time together is over.

All right. So what can you expect? I'll be hosting three live coaching sessions on different topics. We will also have a [00:10:00] Q and a session where you can ask any questions directly to me, and I will answer them live.

I am also planning a hot seat coaching session, which I absolutely love these.

what you will actually do is submit a problem or a question. And I will coach you live right there in our community so that you will get your answers straight on. I will have a moment during the week where you can actually. Submit your question or your topic.

And then if chosen, you will join me for a hot seat coaching session. It's really, really cool. In addition, I have written a workbook full of resources for you. I will be handing that out to all bootcampers and on the very last day of the bootcamp, I will be having a huge giveaway to one lucky winner. So you can show up, you can gather as much as you want, and you might even get a chance to win this big giveaway at the end of the week.

I am super, super excited to tell you more about that prize. Once we get inside.

Ultimately [00:11:00] this Breakthrough Bootcamp is my way of giving back. And really wanting to create a supportive community for women so that we can inspire each other and learn from each other and really try to uplift each other.

When you feel stuck. You feel alone and then you feel like you're not going to be able to get out of that rut without that support. So I'm really hoping that we can come together during this free bootcamp week and support each other and try to all leave with. A little fun, a few friends and a lot of inspiration.

I really hope you can join in on the fun when the bootcamp starts on February 19th.

if you are as excited about this event, as I am, please head over to to sign up. Or you can check out the link in the show notes for this episode of the podcast. And did I mention the Breakthrough Bootcamp is free. So make sure that you head over there, sign [00:12:00] up

and then I will see you when we kick things off on February 19th. Mark your calendars, spread the word, my friend, and let's embark on this transformative experience together. All right, that's it for today's episode of the Second Act Success Career Podcast. I remember your breakthrough is just around the corner.

Until next time I am your career coach. Shannon Russell. Make it a great day. My friend.

Thank you for joining us. I hope you found some gems of inspiration and some takeaways to help you on your path to Second Act Success. To view show notes from this episode, visit Before you go, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss a single episode. Reviews only take a few moments and they really do mean so much.

Thank you again for listening. I'm Shannon Russell and this is Second Act Success.


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