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Taking that first step towards action is the hardest step you will take.  Together, working 1:1 we will plan a perfect path forward for you.  By identifying your career goals and highlighting your achievements, we will carve out a blueprint customized to your goals and priorities.  It is time to produce your best life. Let's take this leap together!



*Certified Career Coach, Course Creator, Podcaster,
Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Television Producer, & Mom


*6 week and 6 month coaching plans available.

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I had a successful career as a Television Producer in the entertainment industry for 16 years, but I needed a change to be more present for my family. It was a lonely process trying to figure out my next step with two little ones and no idea of what to do. Eventually, I decided to seize the unknown and "produce" my life instead of working for others.  I opened a small business franchise in my community, and it has brought nothing but joy and freedom. 

Now I am a certified career coach and I run Second Act Success, a career coaching biz and podcast to help other women produce a balanced life of abundance. Together, we work to plan a second act and pursue a path that fills them up.

Whether it's a new career, job change, pursing a hobby, or starting a business, let's take the first step towards a life of happiness for you!

i can help because i've been where you are!

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"When making the change from the demanding "professional" world to being a stay at home mom, I found my passion behind a lens. I was all over the place, then I found Shannon. She was everything I never knew I was looking for! When I first started my second career, things were hectic and I wasn't always 100% sure what my next step should be. As any amazing coach should do, Shannon helped me streamline my focus, promote my best self, endure through the trying moments, and she has truly been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Shannon, as my coach was the shoulder I didn't even realize I needed to lean on! I truly wouldn't be where I am today without her sound advice, creative strategies, and most importantly her extremely valued friendship!"
                                                                             -Christina G. 

CLient testimonial:

Christina Greenberg,
The Littlest Detail Photography

How It Works

First, we will outline your goals, priorities, and non-negotiables, so I can learn more about your story. 

Step one

Next, we dive deep into your aspirations and start building a blueprint to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Step two

Step by step, goal by goal,
we will thoughtfully accelerate the plan as you take action.
Through our weekly coaching you will feel motivated and be supported as you fulfill your
mission of producing your best life. 



It is time you finally did
that thing you've always
wanted to do,
you deserve it for YOU! 

Let's make it happen!

You don't have to do it alone!

I am here to support you
as you move from where you are now
to where you want to be. 

real talk:

Focus on what you truly aspire to do in life. Ask yourself, "How do I want to feel as I step into my second act?"

How does this sound?

Research, design, and execute a purposeful plan that will make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Take action and accelerate on your journey knowing the road map you designed for your future is unstoppable, and so are you!


Kick imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident. You are in control!


Bask in the vision you created for yourself and live this life of abundance the only way you know how. Your way!



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