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From Medicine to Life Organization: Angie Hyche’s Inspiring Career Journey | Ep. 116

January 9, 2024

From Medicine to Life Organization: Listen to Angie Hyche’s Inspiring Career Journey | Ep. 116 Embark on a journey of reinvention with career coach Shannon Russell as she sits down with the dynamic Angie Hyche on this episode of Second Act Success Career Podcast. Tune in to discover Angie’s incredible career transition from the world of science and […]

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From Medicine to Life Organization: Listen to Angie Hyche’s Inspiring Career Journey | Ep. 116

Embark on a journey of reinvention with career coach Shannon Russell as she sits down with the dynamic Angie Hyche on this episode of Second Act Success Career Podcast. Tune in to discover Angie’s incredible career transition from the world of science and medicine to becoming a sought-after certified professional organizer. Join us as we delve into Angie’s entrepreneurial venture, Ship Shape Solutions, where she guides individuals from chaos to order, transforming their lives. Learn about the challenges, triumphs, and the pivotal moments that led Angie to embrace a fulfilling second act. Whether you’re seeking career inspiration or tips on navigating change, this episode is a must-listen. Join us for an insightful conversation that proves it’s never too late to pursue your passion and create a life of purpose.


Key Highlights:

00:06:00 Angie discusses her transition from education to starting her professional organizing business.

00:08:00 Angie explains the process of overcoming fear, seeking help, and breaking down overwhelming tasks.

00:11:42 How to become a certified professional organizer

00:15:00 Angie decides to pivot her business to do more speaking, writing, and podcasting.

00:16:00 Writing her first book

00:17:45 Partnering with Liana George to write a book and launch a podcast based in religion and organization

00:28:46 The beauty in reinventing yourself

Connect with Angie Hyche:
Shipshape Solutions
Book – Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says About Clutter
Podcast – Uncluttered


Second Act Success Career Podcast - Guest Angie Hyche

Second Act Success Career Podcast Ep #116 – Guest Angie Hyche


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Second Act Success Career Podcast
Season 1 - From Medicine to Life Organization: Listen to Angie Hyche's Inspiring Career Journey | Ep. 116
Episode - #116
Host: Shannon Russell
Guest: Angie Hyche
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Angie Hyche: it's never too late to try something new. And I believe with all my heart that God has something that only you can do your skills, your passion, your personality, your life situation. And when you find that.

thing that only you can do. It is such a joy and you can bless so many people with it.

[00:00:53] Shannon Russell: WElcome to the podcast. I am your host career coach Shannon Russell.

It is early [00:01:00] 2024, which is the time of year when people start getting organized. Trying to plan ahead for the year. Declutter. What's not needed. I'm sure you've been doing a lot of the same yourself. So my guest today on the show fits perfectly for this time of year, because she is a professional organizer. I have Angie Hyche here to talk about her career transition from a science, medical, and education background. To starting Shipshape Solutions. A business where she helps others. Reorganize their lives so that they can go from chaos to order. Angie is also an author and a podcast host.

So we have a lot to get to let me bring her in right now. This is Angie Hyche.

[00:01:44] Shannon Russell: All right. Well, I'm here with Angie. Angie, welcome to Second Act Success. How are you? Good. Good.

[00:01:50] Angie Hyche: I'm great. Thanks for having me, Shannon.

[00:01:52] Shannon Russell: Oh, I know we've been trying to get our schedules aligned so that we could talk for quite some time because you have so many acts and I [00:02:00] can't wait to dive into them.

let's start with your first act, Angie. I know you have a bachelor's in biology and a master's in medical science.

[00:02:09] Angie Hyche: Yes. And, I always tell people my, career path has been a very circuitous one for sure. so I was a nerdy science major, and, my first job, I worked for Centers for Disease Control, CDC, in the leprosy lab doing lab research.

Yeah, petri dishes and test tubes. And Then I kind of veered a little bit thinking that teaching was going to be my thing. So I went back to school and got certified to teach high school, taught high school science for not very long. It didn't take me very long to realize this was not the path for me.

Although I love teaching the discipline stuff, just. Oh my goodness. I was miserable.

So then I was like, okay, now what? I had thought about physical therapy. That's what I thought I wanted to [00:03:00] do, having a background in sports and, all that.

I found out about the PA profession, physician assistant. so I ended up kind of doing a lot of research into both. I worked in PT for a while and I applied to PT school and PA school in Atlanta and ended up deciding to be a pa. So I was a pediatric pa, in, outpatient clinic in inner city Atlanta.

that was very exciting. by this time, my husband and I had taken turns going to graduate school and he went first. And so by the time I finished grad school and started working, we'd been married almost seven years. And I was really wanting my primary act to be if possible, staying home and my children.

So I didn't work for very long in medicine. and then we decided to start trying to have a family and two weeks later, I was pregnant.

And I was fortunate to be able to stay home with them for a long time, volunteered in the schools [00:04:00] and the clinic and the library and.

All different things, one of the volunteer jobs I did would end up leading to my current profession in a really interesting way. so I started doing some community theater acting just for fun and this particular theater, the room where they stored their props, costumes, set pieces, all that was an absolute nightmare.

And I'd always been the kind of person that liked things in order and had time to, devote to it. So their part time office person and I decided we had to fix this situation. So we took months, getting rid of a lot, getting their stuff out of storage

going through all the closets. We had stuff spread out everywhere. We were just knee deep in the clutter. And I said, this is the most amazing thing ever. I want to do this every day. , and when I researched it, I found out, Oh, this is a field.

Like people do this for a living [00:05:00] organizing. So I found Napo and I just thought, yeah, okay. They do, but that's going to mean starting my own business. And I just thought, Oh, that's just way beyond, like, I can't even imagine doing that. So that kind of let that hold me back for a while. the idea of starting a business was still too intimidating. So I went back into education, but just as an, elementary school assistant. And it was okay. I love kids. I'm good with kids, but I just couldn't get this whole organizing thing. Out of my head. So when my husband and I got to empty nest stage of life and we had a bunch of time on trails, hiking trails, bicycling trails, and so we kept having the conversation again and again about starting an organizing business.

And finally it just got to the time in our lives where he said, I just really don't want you to regret not trying this. I know [00:06:00] you're. You're really nervous about the idea of starting a business, but. Hundreds of people who are less driven and intelligent as you do this all the time and we're not relying on your money.

And so if it doesn't work, you go back and teach or whatever. And so I just finally said, okay, I'm going to go for it. So that was August, 2016 that I launched Ship Shape Solutions and seven years, almost to the day. Yeah. Later, I can say that it was the most exciting and terrifying thing I've ever done in seven years.

Even within organizing, I have morphed. I have had an employee, I have done client work, I've, I've done writing and speaking and now podcasting. And I think I like reinventing myself. It sounds like it. Yeah.

[00:06:53] Shannon Russell: And you know, it's so interesting to hear that you, tried different professions. So that was jumping out [00:07:00] of the box and trying new things.

And you weren't afraid of doing that, but there was something about the entrepreneur piece that frightened you. What do you think it was about, Ooh, a big business idea and how to launch that, that was

[00:07:12] Angie Hyche: holding you back. yOu know, I was college educated, you know, bachelor's and master's.

So I knew, it wasn't intelligent enough, but I just felt like there was so much in the whole world of business that I had no clue about. And it was probably mostly fear of failure. just fear of the unknown. the same kinds of things that stop us from many, many,, adventuresand it was also the timing just wasn't right for a while, you know, we had to hit that point where I felt like I've got some time to play with, as far as, you know, not having the girls home that, needed my help as much.

I think that was the main thing. There's so much I don't know. This is so overwhelming. I don't know where to begin. That same process is [00:08:00] exactly what I'm not good at doing myself necessarily. But I'm really good at helping people through that. As an organizer,

Okay. Here's what we do. Let's take a look around. Let's look at your goals, your lifestyle and all that. All right. Let's make a plan, step, step, step. And then when you start, you got the plan, you take the first step. It's like, okay. Okay, I got this. I got a plan. so I just needed to do that process for myself, and I had to get a bunch of help, too.

I didn't realize that there was something like,Office of Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship. I could go in and say, Hey, I want to start a business. I have no clue. and, under your Wilcox to say, you got to have this, this, this, this insurance, this, you know, who's your target market, dah, dah, dah, all that stuff, you know, it's doable.

it's a finite set of things and you do them. I had to get the training through NAPO, the organizing group, take the classes, got a mentor. it's the same as any overwhelming task. You break it down. And you get the help you need. And you have the

[00:08:58] Shannon Russell: support of your husband, which, [00:09:00] oh my goodness, and just everything

[00:09:01] Angie Hyche: for you.

So huge. And it is everything every day. Everything from what am I going to write next month's article on to, do you have a good title for my book? Or this client is driving me crazy. I just need to vent

yeah, I would definitely not have been able to do it without his support.

[00:09:22] Shannon Russell: It's really hard and I talk to people on both sides that have the support and then those who don't. I think it's emotionally, mentally, valid to have that support. You need that you can do it without it, but it's so much more.

Comforting to have that support system. And the fact that he finally said, all right, let's do it. You don't need to worry about finances at this stage. We're going to make it happen. And that's incredible to just give you that little push because Angie, you are a learner. You went back for your masters.

You've changed different careers at different times. So you're all about learning something new and succeeding at

[00:09:59] Angie Hyche: it. I [00:10:00] really love that process. Yeah.

[00:10:02] Shannon Russell: so you got your mentor, you got the help that you needed, you learned those processes, and then what was it like to actually hit publish on your website and go out there and try to get your

[00:10:12] Angie Hyche: first clients?

it was so scary I put everything out there and I was doing all the things I was blogging, I was in the chamber, I was going to networking meeting, and I was thinking like, what is success going to look like? You know, am I going to be literally sitting?

Like waiting for the phone to ring. What is it that I really want? Do I want to work full time? I wasn't even sure. and then, to get that first client and walk up to the door, you know, we'd had phone conversations, we got everything worked out.

Then that first time you walk up like, oh my gosh, I can't, what am I doing ? What people are really gonna pay me for this? I dunno anything, but I did, I was trained, you know? Right. Yes. I've done everything I needed to do. Some things came natural, but I also, all the training I needed with [00:11:00] mentoring in the NACO classes.

so. Oh my gosh. It was so terrifying, but it was also the giant adrenaline rush. It was the same kind of rush that I felt doing sports all my life, like right before the jump ball or the first serve or whatever, or in doing community theater, that whole like, you know, lights up like, oh my gosh, here we go.

so I think I'm a little bit of an adrenaline junkie that way.

well, let's

[00:11:27] Shannon Russell: talk about the pivoting that goes along with launching a business. So now you have your first client, you're already a certified professional organizer at that point. What kind of pivots did you have to make? Did you kind of learn what you liked and what you wanted to do and what you did

[00:11:42] Angie Hyche: not?

Okay, so first thing is certified professional organizer that can't come in the beginning that requires 1500 hours Documented paid organizing plus passing a difficult exam so no one becomes a CPO from the get go It takes years to get that and I [00:12:00] think only like Less than 5 percent of organizers earn CPO status.

Wow. So congrats. As a super nerd, I was all over that, you know, plus it's more training, you know,

yeah. So I start out slow with clients. And then my business builds to the point where I think, okay, well, keeping track of everything, I'm having a little trouble. Maybe I need to get a CRM, you know, customer relations, management thing. So I get Salesforce and I beat my head against the wall. No, I don't need that.

Maybe I need an employee. So I brought someone on. I had a great situation. Someone who already had an organizing business, but hated all the back end stuff, she said, I just want to go in and do the work. So I hired her and it was fantastic. We did some jobs together. She did jobs on her own. It was great.

And then the writing came along from the beginning, like my blog that I was doing,I talked to the editor of. local newspaper and turn that [00:13:00] into a monthly article. Oh, wonderful. I started doing presentations from the beginning, which I never would have thought if I hadn't been doing theater.

Like, I already knew I liked to be on stage. and then a presentation became a book, which I never would have guessed. and then All these years of working with clients, I'm doing a lot of decluttering, pulling out things from people's homes to donate, and it's very physically demanding.

And I have bad knees. I had my knee replaced. and it was like, okay. I can't do this kind of work forever, and I started getting more passionate about the writing and the speaking than I was about the client work. Oh, wow. That's interesting. So, yeah. But I knew that I still wanted to keep my hand in the business.

So 2017, that was really early on in my career, and my little hometown, Kingsport, Tennessee, had something, it was the 100th anniversary. [00:14:00] Of the birth of our city. And so the Kingsport leaders said they wanted people to do something big, either personally or for their business, with a slogan of, what's your hundred?

Hmm. So I thought I was really new. I was trying to get the word out about my business, so I decided to volunteer 100 hours of organizing services to nonprofits, and that was just so fantastic. That I said, I'm going to always give some time to nonprofits. So, here I come to this point where I'm like, I can't be in the homes pulling out clutter.

It's too hard on my knees. I can just keep working with nonprofits. That's how I've kept in the yucky closets and pulling out this and that and, you know, the hands on part of it.

[00:14:47] Shannon Russell: Do you have employees that are going into the

[00:14:49] Angie Hyche: homes and working with people? Yeah. I only ever had one employee.

And, about the time I was ready to not work with clients, she was kind of shifting in her career. [00:15:00] And so we officially announced, we're not doing in home work. So now I try to do as much, getting into, groups to speak. And then also, writing, started the podcast, that kind of thing, and a lot of people still don't know that I'm not working with clients, so I still get calls and emails and I've been able to connect with all the area organizers, so I keep a document with links and everything I know about them and say, here's some people that can help you and.

Let me know if you need something other than that. In the beginning. that was my, competition. And now, now they're my peers and I can say, Hey, I've got somebody that's a perfect match for you. So it's kind of fun to be able to share with them.

[00:15:46] Shannon Russell: Yeah. What an interesting way for the business to, to really turn and kind of evolve.

And I love that you've got this blog that sounds like it's really successful. And let's talk about your book, your first book, I should say. [00:16:00] Uholy Mess: What The Bible Says About

[00:16:02] Angie Hyche: Clutter That book started two ways. One was as I was working with clients mostly with their physical stuff And I would come home to my home that did not have clutter issues.

My home is always in order Not perfectly, but I was a little bit arrogant coming home to my clutter free home. But I realized the more I learned about clutter and the more I thought about it and especially examining it against the Bible, I realized clutter is not just the stuff and the reasons for the clutter are really deep.

I Realize that I have just as much of an issue with clutter as my clients do. It's just that you can't see mine. And so they're harder to deal with and in some ways more damaging. I have real issues with schedule clutter. I pile things on my calendar. I piled tasks on my to do list. I stay too [00:17:00] busy.

[00:17:01] Angie Hyche: Therefore it distracts me from what's important. I had major cell phone addiction issues. that kept me from being present I was talking a good game as far as being, a devoted Christian, but if you looked at my schedule and what I think about, I was far from it.

So a lot of it was realizing the clutter issues within myself and seeing, the damage it was doing to my clients and to me. So I first started with developing a presentation that I gave in a few Sunday school classes. I think I called it the spiritual implications of clutter. and I was enjoying that, but there was so much more to say.

So that's why I decided to write the book. and then because of the book, and a mutual acquaintance, I got to know Leanna George in Houston. She's a former organizer turned author. She approached me and said, you know, our friend Shauna told me about your work and I've had ideas for a [00:18:00] long time about a book of devotionals Based on organizing and simplicity and I've not really heard many people talking about the connection between faith and organizing So would you be interested in?

Potentially working on this together first I was like, yes, absolutely And second you haven't even read my book it could suck and you might be regretting asking me But then we decided to write this book We pitched it to some agents who were interested, but they said, you know, we'd like to see you do more than this book.

Have you ever thought about partnering for something else? So then the idea of a podcast came up. I'm a podcast junkie. I love podcasts. And so in January we launched Uncluttered, Shaping Your Heart and Home for What Matters Most. And then our book will be published in June. So that has given me more.

content creation to do, which I love, it's the same message, God invented organizing from day one and from before day one, you know, before time [00:19:00] began, but, so to be able to find her a kindred spirit on this message, and then expand that message is a joy. You do the podcast together? Yes, she's in Houston, , I'm in Tennessee, but we figure out the logistics. We do video and audio.

Oh, how fantastic

[00:19:21] Shannon Russell: to have a partner that you align with so well.

[00:19:24] Angie Hyche: It's a game changer. Wow. Yeah, it's fantastic.First season was 11 episodes and then the second one will be 10 where every other Wednesday releasing a new episode.

[00:19:33] Shannon Russell: And your content is just all about. helping people organize, or does it have that, Christian background?

[00:19:40] Angie Hyche: it's all scriptural. Yeah, so we say in the beginning, welcome to Uncluttered, the podcast that talks about the connection between organizing and faith. Our focus is not so much on how to be organized, but why it's important from a biblical standpoint to leave the chaos and the clutter in our lives behind.

[00:19:56] Shannon Russell: Talk about a niche, right? Talk about just getting to the [00:20:00] people that want to hear your message. Yes. I love it. And your book is titled

[00:20:05] Angie Hyche: Uncluttered as well? Yes, and it, will publish, 2024 with Scrivenings Press, which is a small Christian publishing company. My first book was self published, and Leanna already had the connection with Scrivenings Press.

she's published a series of three fiction books. About a professional organizer. They're really fun. Perfectly placed, perfectly arranged, and perfectly matched. and so when Scrivening's Press decided they were going to launch into some non fiction, we just jumped at the chanceto pitch our book.

[00:20:38] Shannon Russell: What was it like, I'm curious, to write a book with someone else? Especially if it's not like your best friend from childhood and you're in different states. Like, what was that process like?

[00:20:49] Angie Hyche: I think the most interesting part was trying to step back from what we've already done, in our businesses, in our writing and let's start from the [00:21:00] standpoint of the connection between faith and And clutter, like, how do you even explain why you're connecting those two things?

so we started talking about, all right, when did organizing begin? Who invented organizing, like the beginning of the organizing industry is one thing, you know, you got Napo and Marie Kondo and the home edit and this and that. but if you go back, you know, Genesis one, very beginning, God didn't just say, well, I think I'll do a fish here and a cloud here, you know, it was just very, so we started saying, okay.

So we're going to first talk about where organizing even comes in the beginning just a lot of thinking and talking through what makes sense. We know we've got all these ideas. We've got all individual topics that we think should be part of it, but what makes the most sense sequentially?

We got Google drive and we put all our stuff in there and then we would look at each other's stuff. And I'm just going to have to say it was a little brutal in the [00:22:00] beginning. I bet. and this is all a positive on Leanna, but, you know, I've never had anybody tell me before, you know, I think you can improve this by this.

It was hard in the beginning. And then there were a lot of tears. All my insecurities came out just like they did in starting a business. All those insecurities just surfaced. and we had to have a strong enough relationship to be able to say, Leanna, I'm having a hard time with this.

I know you're just saying this because you want the writing to be the best and ultimately to glorify God the most, but this is hard. Right. I stuck in there, and I have grown as a writer during the time that I have worked with her, and it's just been a beautiful way that God has worked with us together.

[00:22:46] Shannon Russell: And really such a change. If you look at Ship Shaped Solutions from the get go to now, it's really evolved so much. do you miss the organizing with your clients one on one or do you just really enjoy the content creation [00:23:00] now?

[00:23:00] Angie Hyche: Because I'm still in there with, nonprofits, I get some of that, I do still miss it. In some ways, and I tell people all the time, if they contact me, people that read my articles, they'll send questions. I just geek out over it all, still reach out to me, you know, I'm not like giving hours of time away.

Right. but between the non profit stuff where I'm still getting my hands in the work, and God just really blesses me with ideas a lot and so now I feel like I finally have the time to devote to the ideas because when I was working with clients, it's not that I was busy every day. I didn't have, you know, just a hugely busy. Business, but it's like I didn't have the mental space, to be able to think of the ideas and actually sit and write them. that part is, so fun. I'm

[00:23:52] Shannon Russell: curious, over the pandemic, did you do programs virtually and, you know, to be able to reach people outside of Tennessee?

[00:24:00] So pandemic for me was number one. It was getting certified. I had a lot of time to study for that exam. I built an accountability group of other people getting ready to study and now we have continued on as just a friendship and business accountability group. I did a lot of that. I did some virtual Work with clients that I knew really well, using FaceTime or whatever, they'd show me a space, you know, try this, try that.

[00:24:29] Angie Hyche: so, edits of Unholy Mess, it published December, 2020. So some of that correlated with pandemic timing, but,honestly, I think it was helpful for me to really drill down on my own priorities, you know, all of us, I think learn so much about ourselves during the pandemic, especially with me and schedule clutter time with my family, my parents, all our parents are here local.

I think [00:25:00] I was able to see more clearly. What really mattered and it went from like, well, I probably should call my mom or my in laws to Boy, I miss my mom. Yeah, I really enjoy that time with them that's still a challenge for me giving up my time, but The pandemic was really helpful for that.

[00:25:24] Shannon Russell: Yeah. And you got to really focus probably on the business too, and what direction you really wanted it to go to see your book published. And, I admire you with what you did with your business, because you might be in one space now with the podcast and with the second book coming out.

And speaking, but you still have your hand in whatever you want it to be, whether it's going back to work one on one with clients or developing virtual programs, you really have built out lots of different limbs on the trees, if you will, to be able to pivot the business in whatever direction you [00:26:00] want.

And that's really, really inspirational. I think to see that you're sitting in it and where you want it right now, and it could be in a different place two

[00:26:08] Angie Hyche: years from now. Right. Just because I'm not seeing clients now doesn't mean that I won't, there's lots of organizing work that I could do that is not very physical.

I'm really passionate about photo organizing. I've taken a lot of the free classes that the photo managers. Which is a group that does all photo organizing. Some of them, that's all they do. so I've been, developing and teaching workshops for that. and that kind of work wouldn't be physical. So I could step into that, you know, it's a lot of praying for where God wants me.

And honestly, a lot of it is just God's financial blessings on the fact that we haven't needed my money for running the family, my husband's business. his job takes care of that and his support and flexibility and being able to say, you want to try this. And I mean, since the beginning, 2023, I've made zero dollars off client work, but [00:27:00] that was intentional.

Right. I get paid for some presentations, but not very many. I'm trying to transition that, but it's hard once you've given something away for seven years. True. And it also,this went from a job I knew I would love to, this is my ministry. Sounds like it. Oh, and faithful organizers.

This I haven't said anything about early on in my business, I went to a NAPO conference. That's National Association of. Productivity and organizing professionals. So I went to conference and saw a sign for faithful organizers, a group of Christian professional organizers. And I said, I didn't even know there was such a thing and they were going to have a devotional.

So I showed up. with the organizers, I felt like, oh, I'm with my people, but then with Christian organizers, like now I'm really with my people. And I think I had just not ever thought that deeply about my job could be a mission that, you know, you don't have to have like my [00:28:00] work life, my home life, my churchy life, but if you're doing it right, everything is centered on serving God.

So that was a whole nother part of just opening my eyes to how I could serve God with my job. So they are a huge part of that. God used a whole lot of different people and groups and circumstances to lead me here.

[00:28:25] Shannon Russell: and reassuring you with all these different signs that you made the right decision and that you're in the right spot for you what you just said made me think about You serving others when you were teaching and serving others when you were in medicine But now you're serving others in different ways and you're really Giving back and you just seem like you're really found your spot

[00:28:46] Angie Hyche: Yeah.

And the fun thing about reinventing yourself all your life that I know that, I'll probably retire pretty soon. My husband and I are getting close to that stage, but I also know that I'm going to try this, you know, I'll [00:29:00] get the tools and I'll shift. And realized that not everyone has.

the flexibility financially to be able to just say, well, let me try this. And it doesn't matter if I make money. I mean, some people just, they can't do that. So every time I talk about how blessed I am, that's a big part of it that I haven't had the pressure of making money. so I can try this, try that and see,

Most people don't have that. freedom. I say all that knowing I've been so blessed by God to be in the situation. I am financially relationship wise and to be able to explore and shift.

[00:29:37] Shannon Russell: That's very true. And I think other people who want to try, I always encourage you can try what it is you want to do in whatever little, little amount of free time you have.

But yes, you're absolutely right. you're definitely blessed and you're in a great spot. And maybe that's God's doing as well of just. Giving you that opportunity and that comfort. And I love that you're talking about [00:30:00] retirement because you know what? You can still have your podcast all through retirement, right?

You can be wherever you want on the globe and do it. And you're writing as well. So you do not need to close anything down, especially if it brings you joy.

[00:30:13] Angie Hyche: Right. I plan to keep speaking. I don't know for sure on the podcast. I'm We know we'll continue it all the way till our book publishes and probably for a little bit after, is that a long term thing?

I don't know. I think so, but I'm not sure. Yeah. The writing, I've already got two other things that I want to write besides the ones already in progress. I can't imagine not writing in some way. Yeah. I'm going to always want. To find groups that could benefit by what I have to share. I have a presentation that same title as my book. And I like to start that by doing, kind of using my theater background to do a little storytelling, getting character for three different people with the three main kinds of clutter, physical schedule and attention and what that looks [00:31:00] like.

And then sharing inspiration tips, I have a presentation for moms, a time management thing. I do a presentation where people break into groups and play organizer. And, those are all just fun. Yeah,

[00:31:15] Shannon Russell: I love it


[00:31:22] Shannon Russell: name one thing that these different chapters in your life have taught you. Oh,

[00:31:28] Angie Hyche: it's never too late to try something new. And I believe with all my heart that God has something that only you can do your skills, your passion, your personality, your life situation. And when you find that.

thing that only you can do. It is such a joy and you can bless so many people with it.

[00:31:48] Shannon Russell: Would you recommend taking a leap into a big life change to your

[00:31:51] Angie Hyche: best friend? Yes, absolutely, but I would say do your homework, make your plans, but absolutely, I recommend [00:32:00] the LEAP if you've done all your prep work and get your support system.


[00:32:04] Shannon Russell: organized about it.

[00:32:06] Angie Hyche: Yes. Yes. So what is

[00:32:09] Shannon Russell: one piece of advice that you would give to someone who is about to start their second

[00:32:13] Angie Hyche: act? I would say get the training that you need, whether that's mentoring, whether that's formal coursework, because number one, you're going to do your best work if you've got all the equipping that you need and it increases your confidence level to be able to say, yeah, I've taken the basic NAEPO classes.

Yes, I've had some mentorship, because you're going to feel that imposter syndrome. You will. And you're like, nope, nope. I'm equipped. I've got what I need. So that's my

[00:32:42] Shannon Russell: advice. I 1000 percent agree. I always say do it for nothing else but your confidence as you move forward. So yes. so what does the next act look like for you?

You alluded to a couple different things, but what do you think if you had to say my third act is going to be

[00:32:57] Angie Hyche: what? so All the [00:33:00] writing I've done so far has been non fiction, but I'm anxious to kind of dip my toes into fiction.

I'm doing an class because I've been doing community theater for over 20 years, and Actually, the organizing started because of that. Right. I want to write a play featuring a professional organizer and get it on some stages locally and see what happens with it. and then also my husband and I, because we spend a lot of time on trails, we're trying to get to every one of the 63 national parks, we're at 46, and we just decided in the last few months, we need to write a book about that.

it might be called something like, Empty Nest Bucket List, National Park Adventures for Couples, something like that. So that's on the horizon. Ooh,

[00:33:46] Shannon Russell: I can see a lot of people wanting that. that's really, really cool. Good for

[00:33:50] Angie Hyche: you guys. Yeah. Thanks.

[00:33:52] Shannon Russell: Where can my audience connect with you and just learn about everything that you're doing and just follow along, whether it's with your books or your podcast or your [00:34:00] speaking?

[00:34:00] Angie Hyche: The best place to find information about me and Ship Shape is on my website, which is Both me and Sheep Shaped Solutions and Uncluttered are on all the places, mainly Facebook and Instagram.

and the Uncluttered website, uncluttered. faith, you can find All the episodes, we also have, a newsletter with some free un, decluttering signs. My newsletter for my business has my top 10 organizing products, top 10 organizing tips and the 10 commandments of organizing.

so those are places to reach out. I'd love to connect.

[00:34:38] Shannon Russell: I'm going to link to everything in the show notes. thank you so much, Angie.

This was a really fascinating conversation. I just love everything that you've done so many different acts. So

[00:34:48] Angie Hyche: thank you so much. Thank you. And I love your podcast. this second act thing is, I think it's so rare for someone to know what they want to do, study it, do it, love [00:35:00] it, and stay in it.

It is much more realistic to think that we will need to pivot. Pivot, a good pivot is not just for basketball, as a former jock, you know, being able to pivot and pivot well can, can just really add so much value to your life. So I appreciate your work

[00:35:19] Shannon Russell: so much. Thank you so much. Yeah. And I, I think that it's just the way of the world now and you and I are able to teach our children that they don't have to pick one thing to do until retirement.

They can do it all. So yes. I appreciate that. Thank you so much,

[00:35:32] Angie Hyche: Angie. Thank you, Shannon.



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