Find Fulfillment In Midlife | Ep #68

March 27, 2023

Find Fulfillment In Midlife | Ep #68 Did you know that we spend most of our adult life in the midlife season? Shannon sits down with Bernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast, who has discovered that majority of people in midlife are not happy. Bernie has made it his mission to help others […]

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Find Fulfillment In Midlife | Ep #68

Did you know that we spend most of our adult life in the midlife season? Shannon sits down with Bernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast, who has discovered that majority of people in midlife are not happy. Bernie has made it his mission to help others find fulfillment in midlife and create purpose in this mid-season of life. He shares his journey working in sales and marketing, and hosting several podcasts. Join Shannon and Bernie as they discuss having multiple passions in life, making drastic pivots, trying out unique hobbies, and finding what you are truly meant to be doing. Listen in on Episode #68 of the Second Act Success Career Podcast.

Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges, Host of Midlife Fulfilled Podcast




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Second Act Success Career Podcast
Season 1 - ​​Find Fulfillment In Midlife | Ep #68
Episode - #68
Host: Shannon Russell
Guest: Bernie Borges
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Shannon Russell: Are you at a crossroads in your career? Ready for a change, but you're not sure how to get there? Don't worry. We are about to produce your best life together. Welcome to the Second Act Success podcast. I am your host Shannon Russell. I am a former television producer, turned boy Mom. I left my dream job to find family balance, and in doing so, I produced my dream.

Now I am a business owner, podcaster, and career coach. My mission is to help other women like you find what they are truly meant to be doing. If you are ready to start over in your career or pivot to a new purpose, then get ready to be inspired by stories of women who have done just that. We will share advice, an actionable tip.

To motivate you as you move along on your path. It is time to shine. So let's start producing your balanced life of abundance today. This is Second Act Success.

All [00:01:00] right, we are talking all about fulfillment today on the podcast, I have my good friend, Bernie Borges, host of the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast. Bernie and I have known each other for a while now through the podcasting world, and I just love his story. He has changed careers, dabbled in voice acting led teams in content marketing, and he is an incredible podcaster and advocate for not settling in midlife.

It's time to introduce you to Bernie Borges. Gorgeous. Alright. I'm here with Bernie Borges from the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast. Hi Bernie. How are you?

[00:01:35] Bernie Borges: Hi Shannon. Doing great. Doing better now that I'm here with.

[00:01:38] Shannon Russell: I'm so excited to have this conversation with you. It was really great to be on your podcast not too long ago, and I'm excited to have you here and tell us about your career path and the journey that you've been on.

So why don't you tell us where it all began?

[00:01:52] Bernie Borges: So it all began long, long ago, , where the marketing degree, and at the time, Shannon, I was already working full-time [00:02:00] when I finished my degree and I was in technology sales, so I stayed in sales even though I completed my degree in marketing and I had this, this vision of going to work for Proctor and Gamble as a product manager for like a toothpaste or something, whatever.

I, I don't know. But I stayed in sales for like 10 years cuz I actually enjoyed it. And I was living in Silicon Valley, California at the time. I was with a software company. And then they invited me into a marketing role. I guess they liked some of the ideas that I was recommending and they actually said, well, why don't you come and join us on the marketing side.

That was kind of the beginning of of my marketing career. I really pivot. Into marketing roles that I just stayed with for the next several decades. Or eventually running marketing for another software company, eventually starting my own digital marketing agency that I ran for 15 years.

And then I did the unthinkable, and that is a little over a year ago. I actually, Took a job as in like a J o b, , but it was, you know, it's all about timing. It's all about the changes we go through, and I'm [00:03:00] sure we're gonna talk more about that. You know, we go through so many changes in life and seasons and circumstances, and it was just the right circumstance and the right timing for me to actually accept a job in, in a company versus what I had been doing for more than 15 years previous to that in my own.

[00:03:18] Shannon Russell: Let's go back to the beginning. So you graduate with a marketing degree, but you are in sales.

So talk to me about kind of your day-to-day in sales and what you may have liked or disliked about the sales roles that you had.

[00:03:31] Bernie Borges: I'll start with what I didn't like about the sales roles, and that is that too often sales leaders were all about KPIs and numbers beyond just sales numbers. How many calls did you make?

How many meetings did you have? And while those KPIs can have some meaning, I get that. When sales leaders overmanaged to that, it, it becomes so burdensome on them and on, on the salesperson. So that's [00:04:00] what I didn't like. What I loved, loved, loved, loved is just dealing with people and understanding at a deep level what their needs were.

And I selling B2B technology solutions, a few different ones, you know, throughout my career. In most cases there were long sale cycles, Shannon, you know, sometimes, you know, between six and 18, sometimes 24 months, which is a long cell cycle.

But when it all comes together, it's. So gratifying, you know, and, and it was fun. I enjoyed it. It really did. I really, really did.

In my late twenties, I became aware of the fact that, you know, if I'm gonna be successful, I've got to help other people succeed.

in whatever little tiny way that can be. So in my twenties, this season of life, I was selling B2B technology solutions. So I just became aware that if you were a prospect of mine at a company, that if I'm gonna sell something to you, it's gotta be good [00:05:00] for you. So I think becoming aware of that in, in, you know, in my twenties has just stayed with me in everything that I do.

[00:05:07] Shannon Russell: And so when they came to you and said, Hey, why don't you come over to the marketing side? Did you feel like, okay, great, this is what I'm working towards? Or was it something that you were unsure about at the time?

[00:05:19] Bernie Borges: No, it was something that I was, uh, really thinking about. I was thinking about the fact that I had a marketing degree and I, and I enjoyed.

Sort of the science of marketing. When the invitation came, it was very welcoming.

I didn't hesitate to accept it.

The position was called Director of Field Marketing. Today, that role would be called Director of Sales Enablement. The marketing team con comprised of a bunch of former p and g people now, p and G's a B2C company, consumer products, our sales team was selling software to companies.

That's business. To business, right? So there was [00:06:00] a big disconnect and that's what they recognized. So they invited me into this role of being this bridge between their marketing brilliance, which was consumer centric to the need of our sales team, which was business to business centric. And for me to be sort of the translator and sort of the conduit to influence marketing programs that can help the sales team be more.

[00:06:28] Shannon Russell: You knew sales, you knew marketing, and now you were blending the two. So how was that position for you?

[00:06:34] Bernie Borges: This is my first marketing role. They were leveraging the fact that I'd come from the sales team. I had relationships within the sales team. I had relationships in the marketing team as well, so you know, I kind of got to know them and I became the spokesperson for the sales team voicing our ideas. To identify specific promotional campaigns that were needed to help them create more awareness for the brand, create more demand for the brand, and [00:07:00] then collaborating with the marketing team to, uh, to get them done.

I was only in that role for a few years, but then I took some other marketing roles. I eventually, Sort of capped out, if you will, as VP of marketing for another software company. By that time I had left, California had relocated to Florida, the Tampa area, and so I'm heading up marketing. For a software company in the e R P space.

E R P stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. and that's when I was introduced to the internet and I fell in love with the internet and kind of fast forward, I just decided, well, you know, there's this huge demand for. Website development. So I started my own agency to do website design and development.

I pivoted to s e O because in the nine months where I developed maybe three websites, I don't remember exactly how many, each client was mostly interested in being discovered in the search engines, and they just assumed that because you were building a website for them, that it just happened automatically, or, oh, I like to [00:08:00] say right auto automatically.

And I realized that SEO and it in and of itself is a thing. It's a discipline. And so I just pivoted and I stopped doing website design and development and focused on seo. And that eventually even led me to content marketing because you can't, you can't do effective SEO without having good content. . So I really kind of found my groove in content marketing, and that's really where I've been the last say 20 years now

[00:08:26] Shannon Russell: and so tell us about the company,

[00:08:28] Bernie Borges: The agency was called Find and Convert, and I merged it with three others. And we co-founded a company called Vengreso. I decided after four years to separate, I just didn't like what I was doing.

You know, we created a company and I had a job in the company and I didn't like my job. I would get up in the morning and just, I didn't like what I was gonna be doing all day. It wasn't marketing by the way. I was, it was a different role. And that's when things just came together with Icor.

The SVP of marketing that I reported to an icor is someone who had attended one of [00:09:00] the content marketing module sessions. Taught at the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Certification program. He was in attendance there cuz that program is for working professionals.

And so he had attended and we just struck up a conversation, we struck up a relationship and we were talking for more than a year. And so the, the timing just kind of came together in 2021 where he was able to get the budget approval to create the role Vice President Global Content Marketing. And, and I came on board June, 2020.

[00:09:29] Shannon Russell: So that is a huge leap, a huge pivot in transition because you own a company, you're running a company, you're not as happy. And so this opportunity comes up to. Be a VP at another company. What were your hesitations of going from running your own business to going to work for someone else?

[00:09:50] Bernie Borges: So really the only hesitation that I had, Shannon, is what has come true, and that is that I'm not in total control [00:10:00] and I can't move at the same pace, which is a fast pace that I'm accustomed to moving and that I like to move in.

The good thing is, you know, we're getting stuff done and, you know, they're pleased with, with how things are going in, in the role that I'm, I'm leading up.

[00:10:15] Shannon Russell: Hey, it's Shannon. If you are enjoying this podcast, then you will love my weekly new. It's full of career advice, productivity tips, and of course inspiring stories of women who have launched a new career that they love. Just go to second act success.co to sign up.

Plus you'll get the My Success Vision Board to help you with your 2023 planning as well. Now it's back to the episode.

Let's talk about the podcasting aspect of it, because I feel like you can be in control with your podcast.

[00:10:50] Bernie Borges: So the first one was nine years ago, a buddy of mine and I just lost a podcast. And for 49 episodes, we just kind of bantered back and forth around [00:11:00] digital marketing topics. We had no strategy. It was really totally flying by the seat of our pants. It was a good time. But the lesson learned was like, okay, this podcasting thing that was, it was early on. It was nine years ago. This podcasting thing is interesting, but you know, next time if there is a next time, let's be more intentional.

Well, there was a next time and that. The Modern Marketing Engine podcast, and by that time I was, you know, I was in my own agency and the intention was, okay, I'm gonna talk about modern marketing strategies, I'm gonna interview people who are doing modern marketing strategies within their business.

I'm gonna interview what they're doing, how, how it's going, what the results are. What are the challenges, et cetera, et cetera. That was a 300 episode journey for me, then I didn't have a podcast, and that was kind of a void in my life.

And I joined Icor. And I have the good fortune of host. The podcast, the Digitally Irresistible Podcast at Icor. Mm-hmm. , but it's not my [00:12:00] podcast. So I decided I was gonna do another podcast, and it took me a little while, Shannon, to kind of figure out what's what it's gonna be about. I really had to put a little thought into it, and then I couldn't get the thought of midlife outta my head. Very much into the midlife season, have been for quite a while, and I started doing some research and the research showed me that most podcasts about midlife were hosted by women for Women on topics that I have no authority to discuss, like menopause, for example.

Mm-hmm. . And so I didn't find any podcasts that were focused. Fulfillment. And so I just decided to just niche down on that because. , everybody, regardless of age, we all want fulfillment. And what I realized was that fulfillment comes in all types of, of areas in our life, right? You can be super fulfilled in one area of your life and not self-fulfilled in another area of your life. I did a survey and I discovered that. [00:13:00] 78% of the people that responded to my survey were less than totally fulfilled. 19% said that they were totally fulfilled. And that led me to the 80 20 principle, because that's pretty close to 80 20. Yeah. And so I did some research on the 80 20 principle, and I just concluded that, you know, if we're 80% fulfilled, we're doing okay.

Like that's like, that's okay. You know, and so I feature people like you, like me, people who are in a midlife season. Which I loosely define as people over the age of 35 and just invite them to share, uh, a story around some season of their life before fulfillment. I call that bf and some season and the season of their life.

That's after fulfillment. I call that af. So my thing is, you know, tell me your BF to AF story, right? Mm-hmm. . And so you share your story about how you were this, you know, amazing, successful executive producer and you loved it at the time, but then things changed when you started to have a family and your priorities changed and you realized.

You [00:14:00] just couldn't do that grind the way you used to, you know? So you had your BF to AF journey that you shared on my podcast and mm-hmm. , I have to tell you the stories people are sharing like yours and so many others are inspiring. They're touching, they're heartwarming, sometimes they're emotional, and so I'm getting a ton of fulfillment by hosting this podcast.


[00:14:23] Shannon Russell: that's so great to hear. You are not alone in any self-doubt. You might be having about your own fulfillment and you're getting to spread these stories with others.

[00:14:32] Bernie Borges: I'm blown away by the response that I'm getting.

I'm blown away by how people are very willing to come on and share a story. So it's exceeding my expectations. Now, as you know, as a podcaster, we wanna reach as many people as possible. I'm just getting started. You know, like that's my attitude. Absolutely.

[00:14:53] Shannon Russell: And there's so many stories and each story can influence a listener who is listening.

So I think it's so [00:15:00] important what you're doing to really have people realize, okay, if I'm not fulfilled, then what can I do? And by listening to other people's stories, they're being inspired to maybe pick up a new hobby or start something new, or just kind of look at themselves to see how can I get closer to 80?

then to 20.

[00:15:17] Bernie Borges: Exactly. Right. Exactly. And I do, I have an aspiration, I haven't put a timeline on this yet, but I have this goal of putting on events, educational events, both in person now that we're. Post Covid, I think, I hope, knock on wood. , hopefully in person and, and, and virtual as well. Uh, cuz I think, you know, events can be a great way for people to come together around related topics, you know, of fulfillment in midlife and, and learn and grow and build relationships.

And I just think that it can be, it can be a way to build a business around it, and it can also be a way to impact a lot of people, [00:16:00] which is also very, very important to me. Absolutely.

[00:16:03] Shannon Russell: And I think it's interesting that as podcasters, podcasting can be a lonely profession because it's us in our microphone, unless we're lucky enough to have a conversation like you and I are.

But when you're a listener, you're listening alone. So to hear these stories, you really are having a bigger impact than you'll ever know Bernie on, on the people that are listening to your show. And I'm a huge fan of your show and I get so much inspiration. So I really recommend to any of my listeners to go check out the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast,

it's really great inspirational stuff and I, I can't help but. Hit by the idea that you started in sales, you ended up in marketing, and you're having to use both of those sets of skills in your podcasting journey as well.

[00:16:47] Bernie Borges: Absolutely. Uh, you know, I, I often, uh, invite someone onto the podcast. Now, in your case, we were introduced mm-hmm. , but there's other people that I will, I will spend time [00:17:00] building and nurturing a relationship with. You know, and I will be patient before I reach out to them. And that's certainly lessons that I've learned over the decades.

Just life experiences.

[00:17:12] Shannon Russell: I wanna bring up another topic that we have yet to discuss, which is your voice overwork. So Bernie is also a voiceover artist. So tell us about how that kind of came to fruition and then let's bring that back to podcasting cuz it's kind of in the same.

[00:17:30] Bernie Borges: Yeah, I'm not a practicing voiceover actor.

I've always wanted to be an actor cuz I did. I always wanted to be an actor. I just never pursued it. And when Covid hit and, you know, we're all. Lockdown and I started doing research and I realized that, you know, there's courses out there, there's coaching, you can get, there's, there's websites you can sign up with and pay a membership fee and then get access to, you know, jobs where you can audition. I did pay to get some coaching and the coaching was [00:18:00] very helpful, very, very helpful, and signed up for some websites. And I ended up getting about 40 or so. Voiceover jobs and you know, we're talking small jobs. They're like 32nd, 62nd explainer videos. There's this one person who, who brought me in about 15 times to narrate, her children's books that were on, um, on a YouTube channel.

So out of the fif 40, uh, about 15 of them were short children's stories, something. I enjoy doing it kind of, it's kind of a creative outlet for me, but the podcast is also a creative outlet. But anyway, the skills that I learned from the training that I went through in voiceover has helped me as a podcaster. And all I can say is that everything we do, there's a reason for it. Like all these skills that we pick up throughout life, they're like cumulative, you know? They're like building blocks. . Yeah. I didn't go into the voice acting lessons and aspiration thinking I'd become a better podcaster as a result of [00:19:00] it, but that's what happened.

[00:19:01] Shannon Russell: How cool is that? And it's funny, I'll tell a funny story. Bernie and I decided to do promo swaps for each other's podcasts a couple of months ago. And as soon as he sent me his promo to air in my episode, I said, Bernie, you should do voiceover acting because you really have that voice

I could just see you doing trailers for Hollywood. Really utilizing your voice in a bigger capacity. So maybe that'll be another act down the road for you, but I think you should continue to pursue it when you have the time outside of everything else you're doing, cuz I think you are phenomenal at it and you really have a gift with your voice.

[00:19:37] Bernie Borges: Thank you, I appreciate that. I will say, Shannon, it is a very saturated, very crowded market. Extremely crowded, so that, that's discouraging because the odds are really low, because if you don't submit an audition to a job that you get online within like the first five to 10 minutes, you don't, you don't even stand a shot.

[00:19:59] Shannon Russell: I like that [00:20:00] you. Always wanted to be an actor and that you were able to fulfill it in some way through your voice acting. It's always good to look back at what I wanted to do when I was younger, was I able to fulfill it. I have a guest that was on the podcast recently who is very successful in what she does, but she has this aspiration in the back of her head about being a. and she's like, I don't know if I'll ever go back to school for teaching, but maybe I'll volunteer or maybe I'll work with kids in some capacity. And I think it's interesting as we move into the different seasons of life, and know that we can still fulfill those goals, those childhood, dreams of ours in different ways. It doesn't have to be exactly how we used to see them, but it's all possible in one way or another, don't you think?


[00:20:43] Bernie Borges: Absolutely. You know, one of the episodes that I published recently, Robert Rose is my guest, and he, he makes the comment, he says, you. Early in life, say yes to anything that comes your way that feels good. As long as it's not crazy, just say yes to it. Mm-hmm. . And then eventually when you find your [00:21:00] thing.

When you find your thing, then say no to everything. Unless it's a hell yes. Ah, that's great advice. And that really resonated with me. You know, like, okay, so. . So voice acting, I'd like to do it, but at this point I, I'm gonna say no because I know what my hell yes. Hmm. And I've only got so much time .

[00:21:25] Shannon Russell: And if this podcast and you've got other dreams to speak and do events and all of that, then you are on the right path that's making you say hell yes. And, and on top of that, podcasting is a full-time job, it takes a lot of time and effort and you're also working full-time, so you've got a lot plus your family. Your plate is full for now, and I'm excited just. See where you continue to grow. All of this.

[00:21:48] Bernie Borges: Thank you. Thank you. Well, I will keep you posted. I hope you'll be watching as I'm watching you .

[00:21:53] Shannon Russell: Yes. Alright. It's time for our five fast cues of the week. [00:22:00] Here we go.

Name one thing that these different chapters in your life have taught

[00:22:04] Bernie Borges: you? Well, actually, I just mentioned it, and that is that as we go through these different chapters or seasons, we learn things, we acquire skills, that kind of thing, and, and it's just all cumulative. and, and to never look at something as a waste.

There's something, oh, there's a lesson there some somewhere. There's a lesson there, and it's all cumulative. So I've just learned that, you know, just understand the cumulative value of everything that you've learned.

[00:22:32] Shannon Russell: Would you recommend taking a leap into a big life change to your best friend?


[00:22:37] Bernie Borges: only under certain conditions. The conditions would be, first of all, that it's just not high risk and a dumb risk. A bad risk. It would have to be circumstances, timing, uh, doing some due diligence, you know, doing some homework, having a passion as well as a talent for this. . Right. You know, I, I, I wouldn't recommend [00:23:00] someone doing a leap into something where they just didn't have the talent.

That would be kind of a dumb thing to do. So that's what I mean by conditions. Like it doesn't have to be perfect cuz it almost never is. But at least do some due diligence on, are these things lining up? Does it align with your current values and your current family situation?

Your current financial situation. So as long as there's reasonable alignment with the big pillars in your life, then okay, do it. Go.

[00:23:29] Shannon Russell: What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone who is trying to start their

[00:23:33] Bernie Borges: second act? This is an interesting one because I didn't always feel this way, but I do feel this way now Shannon, and that is to really follow your talent before you think about following your passion, because you know, back to acting, I mean, I've always had a passion for acting, but if I didn't have the talent or it just wasn't the right thing or, or the right timing, then.

It's just, it's not, not a [00:24:00] smart thing to do. So for a second act, follow your talent. You know, maybe you spent years doing something that you didn't thoroughly enjoy, but you've got a talent over here that you've really never pursued vocationally. Then follow your talent and see if you can turn that into a second act.

[00:24:18] Shannon Russell: Bernie, no one has said Follow your talent on my show yet. So I, I think that's very interesting because so much, I think we think practicality, but talent is something that is more creative maybe and like you said, it could be something off to the side that you may have never given enough attention to.

really excellent advice. What does the next act look like for you?

[00:24:42] Bernie Borges: I'm not quite sure, but I mean, I'll, I'll share with you some of the goals and aspirations I think I actually did already. I'd love to put on events for people to come and attend. Uh, I'd love for them to become members of programs where they're actually, they're, they're growing, they're finding fulfillment, you know, [00:25:00] they're, uh, communing with each other.

and I'd love to be recognized as the person who really follow. Their passion, their hopefully talent, if you will. Mm-hmm. , you can recognize it that way to make that a reality. , right? And whether that becomes something big or not big, you know, who knows? I, I don't know. I'm not gonna make any predictions, but you know, I think that that's a reasonable second, maybe third, fourth act, you know, depending on how you look at it.

For me in my career, ,

[00:25:28] Shannon Russell: absolutely . So where can our audience connect with

[00:25:31] Bernie Borges: you? So if you Google my name Bernie Borges, just bor g e s, you'll find lots of stuff on me, cuz I've been online for a long time. But, I would certainly recommend just go to the website, midlifefulfill.com.

The podcast section is midlife fulfill.com/podcast. It's all right there. There's an about section there. Uh, I'd love for anybody to just join, join the movement, if you will. And if you, Hey, if you have a BF to AF story you wanna share on my podcast, get in touch. There's a get in touch page [00:26:00] there where I make it real easy for you to get in touch.

[00:26:02] Shannon Russell: Bernie, this has been so lovely. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. I love being a friend and someone who is watching you and along for the ride, and I will continue to do so and I encourage everyone to check out the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast. And I just thank you so much, Bernie.

[00:26:20] Bernie Borges: Back at you, Shannon, and thank you for not just having me, but for doing the second Act Success podcast. I think what you're doing is fantastic. I love it myself. So I'm gonna continue to follow you.

[00:26:32] Shannon Russell: Aw, thank you so much. Thank you, Bernie, for all of those words of wisdom. I will link to all of the ways that you can connect with Bernie in the show notes for this episode.

And don't forget to check out the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast. You will not regret it. If there is something that you would like to hear on an upcoming episode of the show, a career question you'd like me to answer, a win that you'd like us to celebrate, please leave me a voice message on my SpeakPipe.

It's [00:27:00] speakpipe.com/secondactsuccess. I'm Shannon Russell thanking you for hanging out with me today. I'll chat with you next time. Thank you for joining us. I hope you've found some gems of inspiration and some takeaways to help you on your path to second act, success. To view show notes from this episode, visit secondactsuccess.co.

Before you go, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss a single episode. Reviews only take a few moments and they really do mean so much. Thank you again for listen. I'm Shannon Russell and this is Second Act Success.


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