How a High School Guidance Counselor Pivoted for a Career as a Peak Performance Coach | Ep #60

February 23, 2023

How a High School Guidance Counselor Pivoted for a Career as a Peak Performance Coach | Ep #60 Do you want to know how a high school guidance counselor pivoted for a career as a peak performance coach? Meet Sara Vatore who found herself pregnant her senior year of college, but was able to graduate […]

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How a High School Guidance Counselor Pivoted for a Career as a Peak Performance Coach | Ep #60

Do you want to know how a high school guidance counselor pivoted for a career as a peak performance coach? Meet Sara Vatore who found herself pregnant her senior year of college, but was able to graduate and began her career as a preschool teacher. She worked her way through graduate school as a single mom, and received her Master’s Degree in Education to become a high school guidance counselor. After becoming physically ill and mentally burned out, Sara searched for an answer to her health concerns and decided to go back to school for somatic experience training. This career change changed her life for the better, as she now coaches gymnasts, divers, figure skaters and other athletes to achieve peak performance by listening to their bodies and finding ways to relieve stress and pain. She owns her own practice, is an author of several books, and is the host of the Multidimensional Transmissions Podcast. Listen in as Sarah shares her career change journey on Episode #60 of the Second Act Success Career Podcast with Shannon Russell

Sara Vatore

Sara Vatore, Peak Performance Coach and Somatic Practitioner



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Second Act Success Podcast
Season 1 -Episode #60 - How a High School Guidance Counselor Pivoted for a Career as a Peak Performance Coach
Guest: Sara Vatore
Host: Shannon Russell
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Sara Vatore: when we're stuck in an autopilot, in overdrive or, anxiety activation, stress state.

We don't have access to our full capability of problem solving and, and all the things. So the more space and time that I claim for myself makes me a better mom, makes me more productive. If I'm not carving in that time, I'm not gonna be as efficient and productive in my work.


[00:01:25] Shannon Russell: Have you ever been in a work situation where you felt so much stress and pressure that it made you physically ill? Welcome to episode number 60 of the Second Act Success Podcast. I'm Shannon Russell. My guest today is Sara Vatore. Sara began her career as a high school guidance counselor. She loved the impact she was having on her students, but the stress of dealing with families, letters of recommendation and fielding issues all day long, led her to fall ill. The stress was too overwhelming and she started to try to figure out what was happening to her body [00:02:00] in doing so. Sara discovered somatic therapy. Which is body centered therapy, studying the alignment of the mind and the body. She was hooked and dove into becoming a somatic practitioner and a peak performance coach. Sara has her hand in so many things. And we had the best conversation. Let me introduce you to Sara Vatore.

[00:02:21] Shannon Russell: Sara. Hello. Welcome to the podcast.

[00:02:24] Sara Vatore: That's so great to be here. Thanks for having.

[00:02:27] Shannon Russell: Of course your story is so amazing. I'd love to just start from the beginning. Do you wanna tell me about life , from college on.

[00:02:35] Sara Vatore: Sure. Yeah. I, I got pregnant my senior year in college actually and at a good time in the year I was able to graduate and then have my son in October. So the vision I had had for myself dramatically shifted and changed as I stepped into motherhood at age 23. And so

[00:02:56] Shannon Russell: And the real world at the same time.

[00:02:58] Sara Vatore: Yeah. Hundred percent. Hundred percent. [00:03:00] I was a preschool teacher, I did some different things and then realized, I, got interested in guidance counseling and I always had helped people and really liked being, I was the person that friends came to for advice. And so as I learned what a guidance counselor was, Felt really interested in that avenue. And in my family there was really a projected out course you got a's you went to college, you get a degree, you get another degree, you get more degrees, you get married, then you have kids. And so I interrupted everything. So in, in my conditioning it was like I had to get my master's and so that. , sort of why I did it. I was interested in the field, but it was more really coming from a place of, oh, I'm supposed to do this. my master's is in education with a focus in school counseling. I found a program that I could do nights and weekends, and I was a single [00:04:00] mom for a big chunk of it before I met my husband when my son was three. So it, it was just more of, there wasn't ever a question that that was gonna happen,

I just, I just had to wait until birth was over and I was in a different kind of place to be able to go back to school and do that.

[00:04:20] Shannon Russell: Oh yeah.

[00:04:21] Sara Vatore: did

[00:04:21] Shannon Russell: Were you working at the time of G getting your masters?

[00:04:24] Sara Vatore: Yeah, so I stopped working in preschools cuz it was really burning me out and I got sort of like a really fun job managing a Danish clothing and jewelry store in my area. And so it was low stress and really fun and the owners was super nice and I was able to do school and be a mom and work and have what I needed to have coming in in order to make it all work.

[00:04:51] Shannon Russell: And then you became a high school guidance counselor.

[00:04:53] Sara Vatore: Yeah, so I stepped into that and it was like week one, and I had an [00:05:00] oh oh no moment where I was not prepared at all for the system. So I was very excited about the work and what I was gonna be doing, but nowhere in my training had I learned sort of the politics of schools and how the dynamics work. And being a guidance counselor is a really interesting. Position because you're on a teacher contract, you're the same as a teacher, but you work very closely with administration and you hold a lot of confidentiality pieces. So it's a, it's a very interesting place to be in navigating parent dynamics and navigating teachers and students and holding all of that.

And, and it was exhaust.

[00:05:45] Shannon Russell: You probably wanted to help people, but it was more of like the politics in the system. And I have a friend who's a high school guidance counselor and she just left her job because she felt like she couldn't help the kids and her biggest [00:06:00] fear was leaving because she knew there had been such turnaround before her and that the poor kids were the ones who were gonna be stuck in limbo. But there was just too much, going on that it wasn't as much about helping.

[00:06:12] Sara Vatore: Absolutely. And I just, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for people that work in schools because it takes such a special kind of capacity because there's so much that's expected of you. And I mean, I was getting in at like six o'clock in the morning and I was staying until four o'clock in the afternoon. I had a caseload, of 250 students and a quarter of those were seniors that I was writing letters of recommendation for on my own time. And so it was you know, I'd come home and then I'd be working. And this was also just me. I wasn't able, at that point, I hadn't done a lot of my somatic training and a lot of like my body awareness stuff. I wasn't setting boundaries. I wasn't able to stop. My perfectionist took over and in order to do a good job, there was no stopping because if I didn't answer emails at night, I'd w go [00:07:00] into work with a fif 50 emails to, to respond to. And it just, so I found a way to work around it, which was I worked all the time.

[00:07:09] Shannon Russell: To the detriment of your son and your husband at that point? I'm sure.

[00:07:12] Sara Vatore: I mean really my body really started to rebel. And I always was a, a person and kid who got a lot of weird things and was sick a lot as a kid and my body was just flaring up in all sorts of ways with autoimmune issues. And I mean, lots of people have a similar story when we're overrid.

Our needs and we're overriding what our body is asking of us. It starts to get really loud, and that was what was happening for me in, in lots of very bizarre, intense ways.


[00:08:12] Shannon Russell: Well, I'm glad that you were able to listen to your body cuz so many times we can be in that fast paced world and not listen and I'm someone who has an autoimmune issue as well and it's, it's suppressed for the most part. But when I don't take care of myself, that's when it flares. So I'm sure that's kind of what you were going through at that time.

[00:08:31] Sara Vatore: Absolutely. And What ended up happening was I started to do a somatic experiencing training, which is the foundation of my work it's looking at our bodies and our mammalian biology and how we have survival responses and. . When I started to do that training, I realized how shut down I had been and how disconnected I had been from my body, and that I had no sense of my nervous system.

It was in complete overdrive, and I was always in overwhelmed, and I was always in sort of this [00:09:00] high doing, and, I was very shut down, but I w I was an overactive shutdown, right? So I'm just always doing and always an urgency, energy and not being able to sleep really well. And this training for me, Like, just like I got whammed over the head, it was like, oh my God, what am I, what am I doing?

What am I doing to myself?

[00:09:19] Shannon Russell: When did you discover somatic experiencing and, and kind of start delving into that world?

[00:09:24] Sara Vatore: my father is an internationally known sports performance consultant, and so he works a lot with athletes who have fears or blocks and. a component of his work. He did the somatic experiencing training cuz there was a percentage of athletes he just wasn't able to get to that had a high level of trauma.

So a lot of gymnasts, divers, equestrians, sports that have accidents that happen and then stuff gets stuck in the bodies, So he found the somatic experiencing training and went through it and started to implement it in his work. And really it was like that first year [00:10:00] in the school when I was like, oh my gosh, what did I do?

And he said, why don't you take the training and then come work with me? The training's three years, it's, it's a very extensive process and so I was able to work in tandem and go through the training, which really served my work in the school, and then have sort of this vision dream of leaving at some point to have my own.

[00:10:28] Shannon Russell: Just knowing that you had that dream and that the end was in sight, probably helped you day to day during the stress.

[00:10:34] Sara Vatore: Oh, absolutely. Like really being able to have that vision and be able to move towards that gives a why to getting up and continuing to sort of push through. But I, I remember, remember the moment I was like up at, it was like one o'clock in the morning. I was on like, my 60th letter of recommendation or something in, in February, and I was like, what am I [00:11:00] doing if I put all this time and attention into my own self and my own work, like I really could do this. I am a very dedicated person when I put my mind to something. So why not for, for me, and something that's really gonna generate. My health and wellness and my family's health and wellness versus into a machine, which feels really sad to say because schools are so important and there are such good people who are doing the work.

But I could not do it anymore at the expense of myself.

[00:11:33] Shannon Russell: That's a big awakening and a big light bulb moment, like you said, so, you're not giving it up to do something selfish. yeah. You're working towards helping other people in a different way.

[00:11:42] Sara Vatore: And one of the things that I did as I was preparing to leave was learn about other kinds of credentials, cuz you know, it's in my fam, you gotta have the credentials. So I started to look into coaching and there's a couple of different accreditations. I C F and the board certified coaching program. And so I [00:12:00] ended up finding an amazing training right down the street from where I live in a holistic psychology called Psychosynthesis, which really looks at. our needs and wants and desires and how we're wired and our higher self and all of these different aspects of being human. And so the somatic experiencing training for me was like, oh, I have this body that I'm not listening to . And then the psychosynthesis for me was like, wow, I have like my own opinion and needs and desires. Like, I really grew up in a way where it was the right way and the wrong way. It was super black and white, very concrete based on society and my family, and I didn't have, my own thoughts or choices.

Really having my son was the first choice that I made on my own cuz my parents really didn't want me to make that choice. And so that was really that first split of like, oh, [00:13:00] I can think differently than other people and that's okay. And I'm not gonna die cuz I have a different belief than my parents. It's like a huge separation at that point. When we're in our late teens and early twentie. So the psychosynthesis was that moment then where it was really clear I had to leave and take medical leave and attune to what was going on in my body. And that was after five years of being at the school.

[00:13:27] Shannon Russell: Wow. So you finished earlier than you thought you would have because your body was telling you this was the

[00:13:35] Sara Vatore: Yeah. Yeah. I think over the years I had been wanting, like, there had been desires to leap, but there's that fear like, what am I gonna do for money? And I'm bringing in half our income and health insurance through schools really, really sweet,

[00:13:51] Shannon Russell: Yeah. I've heard

[00:13:52] Sara Vatore: You know, all, all of those components. And so it really was diving into a trust that [00:14:00] it was gonna.

[00:14:01] Shannon Russell: and that's part of being an entrepreneur really is stepping out there and kind of believing in yourself more than anybody else because you are the one who's gonna make it come to fruition. So how was your health when you stepped out on your own and you left your guidance counselor office? How did your health change after that?

[00:14:23] Sara Vatore: Yeah. I went through a period of finally getting to go to doctors, finally being able to sort of sort through what was actually happening in my system and. That brought me into sort of this whole other journey of, you know, every doctor sees body parts separate. No one's working together. I had lots of different kinds of diagnoses from lots of different people, but I was able to create the space and my kids were in school at the time.

I was able to, Go to appointments and make the time for myself, you know, to be able to [00:15:00] sit outside and relax and start to learn. Like I started to color, I started to play with Oracle cards and like tap into things. That were exciting and fun. Cause I had never thought about anything other than like what I had to do.

, I noticed there were seasons. It was amazing and, and started to communicate with animals and noticed things that I just like hadn't before. And so that sort of supported the breaking down that my body was going through.

But, Drink water all day. I mean, I couldn't get to pee when I was working in the school so I could drink water. I could cook healthy meals for myself. Caring for ourselves takes energy and capacity. I think a lot of people beat themselves up because they're not caring for themselves or they're with bad habits, or they're not able to exercise.

And so all of a sudden I had space and that really sort of led to this development [00:16:00] of, of my business that really lights me up. The Soma Synthesis studios, which is my spaces for healing, integration, and expansion.

We have to have the space, we have to claim the space before any of any of this can happen.

[00:16:13] Shannon Russell: and you did that. You cleaned the space for yourself to kind of come up with these ideas of what you were going to do Next was that the time where you came up with your business and really what you wanted it to be?

[00:16:24] Sara Vatore: Mm-hmm. , such a great question. I'm in my sixth year of business. Completed my fifth year of business and I'm in the sixth year and it's been very interesting to watch my journey because I started by doing, mostly working with athletes because that's where the referrals were coming in. I was very blessed to be so connected to my dad and to be able to ha, I just immediately had.

[00:16:49] Shannon Russell: Mm-hmm.

[00:16:49] Sara Vatore: So sports clients were coming in. And then someone in my psychosynthesis training was starting a psychosynthesis training in California. I live in Massachusetts. [00:17:00] And so she, asked for my support. She was my mentor at the time and I worked on that project with her and helped her establish that coaching program there.

And I'm often guest faculty. I do somatic work with. , new rising coaches to learn about the body and how to hold space and those things. So that was a project I stepped into right away that felt like super in alignment. And then the sports stuff I'm was very good at and it was just coming and easy. Really what ended up happening was I, I spent the first two years of business saying yes to everything.

People saw my worth, and I was like, wow, okay, sure. I'll do this, I'll do that. I mean, I took a dance teacher training at the time, this modality called Nia, which was just feeding my soul. But I started teaching it. I just was doing too much. It was like the first two years he said yes to everything. And then I had a uhoh. What am I doing? It was the same pattern I found myself filling the.[00:18:00] In the very same way that I was when I was guidance counseling and my body started to rebel again, and so I just had like really important moments around, okay, what's really mine? I was very good at helping other people. I was helping everybody else's passion project. And not really taking the space for okay, like what is my work in this? Because the sports work was definitely my dad's and, and so there was kind of a split that was happening internally around, is this my work or not?

[00:18:36] Shannon Russell: Right? You wanna be there for your family and be there for yourself. So now that you have all this knowledge and you're able to help others through your business, how do you feel?

[00:18:47] Sara Vatore: So I spent the first two years really saying yes to everything and then the second two years releasing everything and last year really coming into like a recalibration and integration around what is [00:19:00] mine, what's my work in the world?

I have two boys. I have a 16 year old and I have an eight year old. And we decided that our eight year old. thriving, being homeschooled. And so we decided to have him be home. So I am homeschooling and we've unschooled, so I don't use curriculum and we're really looking at following his interests and allowing that to navigate his unfolding. And so I would say I struggle now with a similar. Layer or flavor of space. Space I think is my work in this world. It's expanding my capacity to hold all the pieces and create the spaces for myself. I've really had to be intentional about claiming the space. So I really had to set some boundaries with myself within claiming space so that I could find the balance that I needed given the shift in the dynamic at home and being on more [00:20:00] and not having. You know, full six hour stretches of alone time. This is where we change when we, as the adults are working on our own stuff, it has this huge vibrational effect on our families without needing them to be any different. Our energy that we're emanating because we're feeling a certain way in our systems has an amazing influence on those who are around.

[00:20:29] Shannon Russell: Mm-hmm. . It's so true. And I feel like when we can make the space, if everyone gave themself the space to. Heal themselves. To think in peace and quiet and really the world would be such a better place cuz everyone's more in touch with themselves and what they need instead of this go, go, go, go, go. That society has us running this hamster wheel. Yeah.

[00:20:51] Sara Vatore: Absolutely. And then we get overwhelmed and then we're operating from overwhelm, which we're more reactive and we're gonna get into more conflict, or we're not gonna have [00:21:00] access to our highest functioning brain power. That's the thing when we're stuck in an autopilot, in overdrive or, anxiety activation, stress state.

We don't have access to our full capability of problem solving and, and all the things. So the more space and time that I claim for myself makes me a better mom, makes me more productive. If I'm not carving in that time, I'm not gonna be as efficient and productive in my work.

And for those of you who are listening, who are saying, You UK creating space. Okay. I know that it's not an easy thing to do. And so for me, my game becomes, how do I weave it in? Where, where do I weave in these moments that become mine? It's like every time I get in the car, even if my son's in the background, we've got the music on and we're. like, and that's like, I get my expression, I lost that. I don't drive him to school anymore. I lost my alone [00:22:00] time singing in the car. And so that is a way that, like I know that we get in the car and we both jam out to the tunes and I get a little bit of release like that gets to be for me too, right? So it's finding these really teeny, tiny ways of can I take a.

before I do the dishes, can I go outside and just stick my feet in the grass for 30 seconds and take a nice breath and exhale, and then step back into, the schedule, so to speak?

[00:22:29] Shannon Russell: It's the little things like the grass and you're right. That's excellent advice for anyone because you're not productive. And a lot of our listeners are listening because they want to transition to a happier part of their lives. So just to think about carving that space, making that space so that you can even think about what it is you really

[00:22:47] Sara Vatore: Right, right. I mean, my other sacred space, and you get to laugh is the bathroom. I mean like an extra five minutes, I'll sit, you know, I'll take that long shower like that gets to be the space that's [00:23:00] mine, where I'm feeling into my body and feeling into even my needs because. So much of my learning was I didn't even know what I needed. I didn't even know what I wanted it's just been such a, an interesting exploration of coming into these new experiences and being able to create the space in order to even feel into that.

[00:23:26] Shannon Russell: Who are the people that come to see you for coaching and for guidance?

[00:23:30] Sara Vatore: I work with lots of different kinds of people, so I am still doing the sports work, so I do still work with athletes who have blocks or fears. I also work a lot with performers who have blocks or fears. So a lot of singers tend to come through actors being on the stage those people. Then I work a lot with entrepreneurs or those transitioning into work who feel. overwhelmed. I work a lot with entrepreneurs who have fear of [00:24:00] visibility, so fear in general and sort of why does my body feel like I'm gonna throw up every time. to go to a podcast interview or I try to go live on Facebook. I find that people find me who have a higher level of visibility faster than their nervous systems kind of were ready for so someone who really exploded in their career very, very quickly, and so now they're sort of like incongruence with what's showing up in the body. I work a lot with couples. Who are wanting help and support in their relationship dynamics. We do a lot of teaching around how to identify, like what's going on in your nervous system, what's going on in your partner's nervous system, and how to really come from a compassionate communication place and understanding and I do some dream work. So I'm bringing my little witchy, my little witchy woo-hoo piece into. So yeah, so I'm working in all kind of, in all of these different flavors and threads and that works for me. [00:25:00] I love that. And I talk about myself being like a multi-dimensional guide, and there we have all of these layers and all of these pieces.

I go by lots of labels, so definitely Peak Performance Coach, and I'm also a level two melt method instructor, which is a modality that works with these soft foam rollers and helps your connective tissue system. It's a companion to my nervous system, work with people. It's a way to really help people's bodies who are in chronic pain or holding a lot of stress and tension and can't kind of unwind that. And so I work with that with my athletes, but also just regular humans. I, I sort of have that lane, which is almost like its own animal, that peak performance coaching business.

And then, yeah, I call myself a somatic experiencing practitioner, multidimensional guided, and intuitive healer. And that's my mouthful.

[00:25:51] Shannon Russell: That is a mouthful, but it is, you're really touching so many different types of people, so your. Hell is very vast.[00:26:00] And that's great. So you can kind of have the athlete performer piece and then just me and my

[00:26:08] Sara Vatore: humans. Yeah.

[00:26:10] Shannon Russell: And I can't help but think about what a nice connection this is to your work in the high school.

You know, because in the high school you're counseling people, you're helping them with the direction that they wanna go, and you're doing the same thing now in just a different.

[00:26:25] Sara Vatore: And I'm so grateful for all the steps on my journey because. I couldn't have just gone into what I'm doing now. Those five years at the school really gave me a sense of systems and dynamics and I worked a lot with families and a lot with different kinds of parts and players. And in coaching particularly, cuz I do, I work with adults, but I also work a lot with teens, in athletes, but also just stressed out over scheduled college students and, and high schoolers.

[00:26:56] Shannon Russell: So are you so happy now? Can you [00:27:00] imagine your world if you did not make this transition?

[00:27:02] Sara Vatore: I could not, ma, I just can't. I just can't. I would still be really sick. And the interesting thing is I took the time to heal and went to all the doctors, and then did a lot of somatic healing work and ancestral healing work in my own system. I resolved those autoimmune issues on my own. All these different doctors wanted to gimme lots of different medicines for all the different things that they were saying weren't connected. And the body is an organism that's a whole organism and everything influences everything else.

So for me, I really doubled downed on my own, eating and how I was taking care of myself , so I can't imagine, I just can't imagine it any other.

[00:27:48] Shannon Russell: That's wonderful to hear. That really is, And it's so interesting too that you. Got yourself better, and now you're able to help other people. So it's like you really can speak to it, not just like, [00:28:00] oh, you know, this is what you're supposed to do because this is what I studied. No, you studied it and applied it to yourself.

also you have courses. You are an author of four books.

[00:28:10] Sara Vatore: Those are sports books. So those are for athletes. So anybody listening has gymnasts, divers, cheerleaders, or figure skaters., the book is called Embody Confidence, 30 days of radical mindset shifts for gymnast, divers, cheerleaders, or figure skaters.

I hired a book coach to start to do, Content inventory for me of everything that I had written because there was so much. My book coach said that the first book's always the pancake, that first pancake that comes out, you know, it's a little brown on the size, a little crispy. So we picked the. , uh, to, to start. Cause I had written a lot of things already and she helped me compile that into these creations. So that's what I spent a lot of last year working on and working [00:29:00] towards and then the beautiful thing for me is like, now it's outta my brain. and my brain has now unleashed this other creative channel of my dream work and the couple's work and The Witcher connection to spirit and, and quantum healing and all of these pieces that really jazz and light me up that I get to focus on now.

[00:29:26] Shannon Russell: name one thing that these different chapters in your life have taught you.

[00:29:31] Sara Vatore: The importance of listening to your body and honoring your body and your own timing and rhythms. That has been my biggest, yeah, my biggest lesson in all of this.

[00:29:43] Shannon Russell: Would you recommend taking a leap into a big life change to your best friend?

[00:29:49] Sara Vatore: Yes, absolutely. With asking for help and support and, I think that there are, you know, some people who just dive in and there's no, [00:30:00] nothing that's supporting and that can be very overwhelming, and then they go back and try to find another job again or those things. So setting it up in a way for yourself, so, It's easy to say yes.

[00:30:14] Shannon Russell: What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone trying to start a second act?

[00:30:19] Sara Vatore: There is no wrong way to do it

[00:30:21] Shannon Russell: Just do it.

[00:30:22] Sara Vatore: Yeah. Like you get to do it in your own way. For a while at the beginning of my business, I, thought it was supposed to be a certain way and I thought I was supposed to be on all these boards and do all these things and say yes to everybody and. Had a lot of guilt about saying no, and I had to learn how to start to say no, and there are really no mistakes. I guess the other piece to that for me is to trust your own timing. Because I think that we can feel urgent when we're stepping into a new chapter and there is a natural timing that our body has on lots of different levels. So they're always these [00:31:00] little timing, , nudges and winks from the universe that we can start to follow. And so it's trusting in your own timing and, and how you feel called to be doing.

[00:31:11] Shannon Russell: I like that timing is so key. If you can follow it and really listen. What does the next chapter look like for you?

[00:31:19] Sara Vatore: so I am in a chapter of following threads that light me up so I can see what's being sort of woven. I don't necessarily feel like I know what that is yet, but I am, I. , letting myself be in that unknown and be in all of these creative ways that I just am really getting jazzed up about. And I love being in conversations and talking and, yeah, all of the different pieces. So following thread.

[00:31:45] Shannon Russell: So where can our audience connect with you?

[00:31:48] Sara Vatore: I have two websites for any athletes or performers that's peakperformwithsara.com, and Saradoesn't have an H, so it's just s a r a and my website [00:32:00] for Soma Synthesis Studios, which my spaces for healing integration and expansion. That's saravatore.com. And then I'm also on. Instagram @saravatore and on Facebook @expandyourcapacity.

[00:32:16] Shannon Russell: this was such an enlightening conversation. Honestly. I've loved to hear about your journey and to see you in such a happy space. I feel like you could help so many people kind of get to the happiness that you are in right now. Reach out to Sara. She can help you find your space and, and really become the person that you are meant to be.

[00:32:36] Sara Vatore: Yeah. Thank

[00:32:38] Shannon Russell: My special, thanks to Sara for sharing her career journey with us. she has so much on her plate and it's incredible to see how grounded she is in balancing it all.

Be sure to take a listen to Sara's a new podcast called Multidimensional Transmissions, wherever you listen. For more on Sara, go to saravatore.Com. That's S a R [00:33:00] a V a T O R e.com. As always my hope is that you snatch some inspiration from this episode that you can carry with you into your day.

Remember, wherever you are on your career journey, you are right where you're supposed to be. So keep trucking along on your path and I will meet you back here next time. On a new episode of the Second Act Success Podcast. Talk soon, my friend.


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