How to Show Up On Social (Career Shift Strategies with Lūssi Skin Founder Michelle Novello) | Ep #56

February 6, 2023

If you are looking to show up on social and get your brand to more people, then you’re in the right place! This is a “Career Shift Strategy Session” of the Second Act Success Podcast, where I do an on-air Career Coaching session with a client or a listener. Today’s episode featured the founder of Lūssi  […]

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Michelle Novello, Founder of Lūssi  Skin


If you are looking to show up on social and get your brand to more people, then you’re in the right place! This is a “Career Shift Strategy Session” of the Second Act Success Podcast, where I do an on-air Career Coaching session with a client or a listener. Today’s episode featured the founder of Lūssi  Skin, Michelle Novello. We dive into some of small business struggles she is facing that may help you in your business or on your career path. Questions like… How do I grow my Instagram followers? Can I post the same content on different platforms? Do I have to show my face on camera in my social posts? How do I grow my business organically? Are reviews and testimonials that important? Listen to learn tips and advice that I share with Michelle that may help you too. It’s all on this episode of the Second Act Success Podcast.


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Career Shift Strategy Session on The Second Act Success Podcast

0:00 – Introduction

02:37 – First career act – working in Casting for Television

03:26 – The idea of starting small business Lūssi Skin

05:12 – Business fits with her lifestyle as a mom. She makes her skin care products at home with her daughter.

06:24 – How to grow on social media?

09:57- What is the difference between Instagram reels and stories?

11:06 – Do I have to be on TikTok?

12:51 – Importance of reviews and testimonials

13:22 – Importance of showing she is a woman-owned business on social media

14:02 – Certified nutrition coach background, discuss options for combining both health food nutrition with skin care health

16:31 – Hesitant to be on-camera as the face of the business

17:07 – Promote yourself within your network for support and confidence

18:07 – Results from customers

19:32 – Other products do not contain the ingredients that natural skin care products do

20:15 – Canva for graphics and social images

21:07 – Operating systems and business side of the business

22:45 – Universe hands you what you need at the right time

23:28 – Where do you want the business to grow?

25:09 – Connect with Michelle Novello and Lūssi Skin


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Second Act Success Podcast
Season 1 - ​​How to Show Up On Social (Career Shift Strategies with Lūssi Skin Founder Michelle Novello)
Episode: #56
Guest: Michelle Novello
Host: Shannon Russell
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Michelle Novello: The universe kind of gives you some things that are supposed to happen. And this sort of felt very organic And then it was kind of like, wow, I could do this with kids. I kind of love the space that it's in, because I feel like people could benefit from this And I do want. obviously make it into a business that is profitable and is, something that's could be even more rewarding, I'm getting so much out of it that. I just love it. Maybe it's like a midlife crisis. I don't know, but I love

[00:00:30] Shannon Russell: it, . That's ok. It's your second act.

You are, you are in it. Yeah.

[00:00:35] Michelle Novello: It's my second

[00:00:36] Shannon Russell: act. .

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Ready for a change, but you're not sure how to get there? Don't worry. We are about to produce your best life together. Welcome to the second Act Success podcast. I am your host Shannon Russell. I am a former television producer, turned boy Mom. I left my dream job to find family balance, and in doing so I [00:01:00] produced my dream life.

Now I am a business owner, podcaster, and career. My mission is to help other women like you find what they are truly meant to be doing. If you are ready to start over in your career or pivot to a new purpose, then get ready to be inspired by stories of women who have done just that. We will share advice and actionable tips to motivate you as you move along on your path.

It is time to shine. So let's start producing your balanced life of abundance today. This is second act success.

Welcome to the Second Act Success Podcast. I'm career coach Shannon Russell. I am thrilled that you are here for the very first career shift strategy session. This is a new coaching style episode I will be doing on the podcast. Where I bring in one of my clients and we do a career coaching session here on the show. Soon, I will be opening this up to you at home as [00:02:00] well. So stay tuned for info on how you can be on the podcast. Asking me questions. One on one. Today I am joined by Michelle Novello. She, and I know each other from the television industry. And recently, when she made a shift to open her own business, she became a client. Michelle is here and we are about to take a deep dive into her business. Lussi Skin. And all natural skincare line that she makes herself. Let's get started.

I'm here with Michelle Novello. Hi Michelle.

[00:02:29] Michelle Novello: Hi. How are you?

[00:02:31] Shannon Russell: Great. So before we get into your business, tell us what you did during your first. .

[00:02:37] Michelle Novello: My first act was television. Television production that I got into casting. Where I left, I was working for an audience casting company in California, and then Covid came along and basically it was the most un covid business, of people and large groups together. and I had a child at [00:03:00] the same time.

So it was kind of the perfect segue into act two.

I think things happen at a certain time on purpose. sort of pushed me cuz I'm kind of a lazy person by nature. So maybe I wouldn't have like branched out, but it sort of forced me to be like, what else is there? A new perspective on things. .

[00:03:19] Shannon Russell: Tell us about your business, Lussi Skin. And kind of where you are in this launching process.

[00:03:26] Michelle Novello: I didn't even start it on purpose. I'm interested in, eating like the unprocessed food and eating healthy and things. And then I was like, why am I not using that stuff on my skin? Started researching ways to make my own products. I'm a big DIYer, so I started making stuff for my husband and I, and then started getting asked all the time when I started using stuff like, what is that? What are you using? Can I buy it? And I was like, I don't think I am qualified to sell it. Ended up doing like a deep dive of research, learning a bunch of things, and learned that I qualified [00:04:00] to actually sell. , plant-based natural skincare products, which I passed all these little check marks. And so I just got so much information and learned all this stuff and it turned into a business kind of organically, I started selling it to friends and friends are friends and you know, that sort of thing. So that's kind of where it's now when I started like just a website in Etsy and I was noticing the results and people started like giving, giving so much feedback and I was like, wow, this could really be maybe something that I never thought of even embarking on.

Now I am selling it, but it's like two word of mouth kind of people. So that's kind of where I came to you because I'm, I'm a little like stalled and stuck. . And I feel like time is money in a sense where you know more. And you can kind of guide me on the next kind of step of

[00:04:52] Shannon Russell: where to go. I think it's interesting because you started this business while you were home with your little one, and now you [00:05:00] have another little one on the way. , don't you feel like this business is kind of perfect for you? Because you can make the products at home, you can be with your little ones. It kind of fits into your lifestyle really organically.

[00:05:12] Michelle Novello: It does, and that's part of probably why I was so appealing. I had the idea without realizing it, and then I could actually manufacture it myself, which is amazing to be able to produce it so I can actually produce the. and it works in my lifestyle. I set up my, you know, my daughter with, like, we call it making potions, and I'm like, mommy has to work and make her potions. And she's like, well, I wanna make one. So I give her a little like table of stuff to play with and kind of get her involved to where it, like it works for both of us. I have to make orders and, you know, and then she comes with me and she knows all about it. She ships them out. , we gotta put it in the package and we gotta go to the post office. It's helping to also show her, you know, kind of what you do. It's like a business, you know? It is

[00:05:57] Shannon Russell: a business. It's not like a business. It is a [00:06:00] business. .

[00:06:01] Michelle Novello: That's why I'm talking to you, . Yeah.

[00:06:03] Shannon Russell: Well, I love it and I love that you already have your Etsy shop up. You have your website up. That looks great. You have your social media let's start with what is your number one obstacle that you feel like you're in right now that's, , holding you back from, , taking it to the next level?

[00:06:19] Michelle Novello: I feel as though I can do this.

the production, and then I don't know where to go. Like social media. Yes, I'm on Instagram. Do I know what to do with it? No. And I'm like a shy person. I feel so weird, getting on my camera and talking about something. that's where I feel like completely lost in the sense of, , where do I go from here? I could just sit in my house and make products, which is fine with me. Like I would do that, but it's like . I want, I do want to make it like a profitable bill business, and that's where I get lost of where to go next.

[00:06:54] Shannon Russell: I love that you have all the bones together, right? You have your Etsy shop, you have your Shopify shop [00:07:00] on your website, you've got Instagram going, you are selling your products. I was looking, you have some great reviews on Etsy, so I think that's great to know that you already have a good product. You have people who have told you it. You've got a system in place to make these products and you know how to ship 'em out. Like you've got all of the bones of, of how to run the business. Mm-hmm. . And now it seems like you just want some guidance on how to get it out there to the masses a little bit more than just the word of mouth that you might have in place now.

Is that right?

[00:07:34] Michelle Novello: Yes, exactly. Marketing, I dunno, anything . I am lost on the marketing.

[00:07:40] Shannon Russell: That's okay. Everyone is in the beginning and it's such a slow growth, especially because Instagram, Facebook, whatever platform you're on, is changing. every day it seems.

Mm. Yeah. So what might work today it might not work tomorrow and it's just a slow growth, but it's excellent just to have that presence out there. You told me off camera that you were doing like [00:08:00] in-person marketing events locally, so I think that's a great way to get out in front of people and hand out your card and give out your samples and people do pass it along, especially women. Our lifestyle needs to be easy. Right? Like running to target and grabbing what you need is just the lifestyle of a mom. So I think like getting it out there and having people pass it along and knowing that, hey, I can hop on Etsy and just order this. and I have some of the products And I've told you that I had someone on a podcast once we were on video going, oh, your skin glows. I love that. It's that word of mouth and then I could say, oh, it's a Lussi Skin product, and here you go, and it just grows.

I was searching around on your Instagram a little bit. You have really great stock images of the products and inspirational quotes and all of that to really show the brand, but it might be great to get on camera. Put yourself on camera. And that's the hardest part. And I struggle with that with my business too. But you have different elements that you can show. You [00:09:00] can show the actual product what's inside the jar, what does it look like? How do you use it? Whether it's you holding it or someone else that you get, or it's just a video of you mixing up the, , skin balm. Yeah, I could probably do that. You have to mix it up before you apply it. So that's like a great easy reel or TikTok that you could do that just shows that to people. You can start there, and then maybe eventually you'll want to be the one who's talking about it.

Okay. I'm writing you down ,

but like I said, it can be videos of the product. You making it right just quick like. Quick photos you take of you in your lab making it, even cute little things with your daughter's hands, making her own potions. I think more to show that you are this mom and wife behind the business because we want to support other women owned businesses and Right. And now that you're having products that are for children, that's another great category,

[00:09:57] Michelle Novello: you think, you think videos for like. The [00:10:00] stories or do you think videos like the reels that kind of stay on your

[00:10:03] Shannon Russell: page?

That's a great question. Reels are ways to get new people to follow your page. Stories are for people who are already fans of your page following, so you wanna do both. But I, I think right now, since you're. Starting with social to do more reels, cuz that'll bring more people to you. Okay. And you can start with the hashtags that you know. Just Google what you Googled when you were starting the business, all natural skincare. Mm-hmm. , whatever it might be. You can

[00:10:30] Michelle Novello: hashtag on a on a reel, you.

[00:10:33] Shannon Russell: Yep. Okay. You can hashtag on a reel that will bring new people in and then they can follow you from there.

And then when you post a reel on Instagram you can share that to your stories. Now the people who already follow you can see you there. Whether you make it through the Instagram app or you make it just as a video on your phone, you can then share that same video on TikTok. If you feel like you wanna get on TikTok or Facebook, you can share that same [00:11:00] piece of content on all of the platforms so you're not making a million videos for a million different things. That's

[00:11:06] Michelle Novello: great. So you think TikTok is valuable?

[00:11:09] Shannon Russell: thousand percent for you. I feel like, okay. There's so many moms and women who are on there now of just like looking for what you're selling, to be honest. Okay. Maybe you'll get to the point where you want to be on camera and show how to apply this. Right. And when do you apply it? You know? You just apply it in the morning, you apply it at night. Just giving those little, little tips. Okay.

Another thing I noticed on your Instagram, you have a link to your website in your bio? Thing that you could do is actually have what they call, I don't know if you've heard of Linktr.ee?

Link tr.ee. So there's Okay. A few different, platforms that do this, but basically you can. all links to different things. So if you had a link tree in your bio mm-hmm. , that would take you to your Etsy shop, take you to your website, take you to your TikTok, it can just be an easy landing page so that's just another thing and I can [00:12:00] send you a link for how to set that up. People are so used to saying in Instagram, link bio. Link bio. So this way you go to your bio and it has, everything, every way to get in touch with you.


[00:12:12] Michelle Novello: great. I didn't even know that existed. I don't know these things, there's only so much time in a day or a month or a year.

I'm glad that's helpful. No, that No, that's okay. I love you that you

[00:12:23] Shannon Russell: exist. . . Well, thank you, . .

[00:12:26] Shannon: Hey, it's Shannon. If you are enjoying this podcast, then you will love my weekly newsletter. It's full of career advice, productivity tips, and of course inspiring stories of women who have launched a new career that they. Just go to second act success.co to sign up. Plus you'll get the My Success Vision Board to help you with your 2023 planning as well. Now it's back to the episode.

[00:12:51] Shannon Russell: You do, like I mentioned earlier, have really great reviews on Etsy. So those reviews, you can literally just screenshot and post up on your social as [00:13:00] well, my post.

Okay. You could even make a section on your website for, testimonials, what clients are saying. Oh, okay. It just gets it out there a little bit more. Maybe there's something that you include in if you don't already in your packages when you mail things out of a little card saying, Hey, review us, or follow us on social.

That's a good idea. like, People need to be reminded like, what is it, seven times? Mm-hmm. before they take action, and anything that you can show that it's a woman owned business, even if it's a, photo of you and your daughter in the kitchen something where they're like, oh, Michelle is so cute I wanna get to know her more.

And you're that,

[00:13:37] Michelle Novello: that, I'm like, I get that, point of but like, who cares maybe one per, if one person cares, right? Yeah. It's like a sale or a business connection

[00:13:45] Shannon Russell: or, yep. You never know. There could be someone who's like, I'm really interested in, in this. She looks like me. She's got two little ones. There's something relatable about that. Yeah. then I feel like your social will just grow, with just little, little things like this.

[00:13:59] Michelle Novello: I'm [00:14:00] taking it all out. Taking it all in . Well

[00:14:02] Shannon Russell: I was also just thinking like, because you have this health food background and you're interested in, eating healthy and eating non-processed foods and all of that, if you wanted to, you could write blogs about the importance. eating healthy and how that correlates to skincare SEO driven blogs that you could add to your website as well. And that's something you could

[00:14:26] Michelle Novello: mm-hmm. . I was wondering too, because, you know, I got certified to be a nutrition coach a couple years ago and I was like, it is kind of an umbrella of wellness, right.

I, I'm into all of it, I do get the bug of like wanting to tell everyone, like do this and do that. It's so good for you. And every time my parents come visit, I make them something. They're like, that was good. I was like, it was healthy. Isn't that fun? Like, it's good for you. I wonder if there's a way to connect all these worlds because I do have the background in that also. Like That's the first thing I do after tv. as [00:15:00] I got into the wellness space of food because I was so interested in it and got certified as a health nutrition coach, and I don't really know what to do with that, but I, I am very passionate about this. I'm like, Could I combine these worlds? And kind of like spread that sort of information, do you think it could, it would like sort of Mel.

[00:15:18] Shannon Russell: I, I do. Absolutely. I think That should completely be part of your Okay. About Me page on Lussi Skin. It should be a part of your story. Absolutely. And you have your other Instagram where you do post healthy recipes and things like that, right. Like there's no reason you can't combine it maybe it's, you know, Lussi Wellness or whatever it is, but it could be more of an umbrella. an umbrella brand, and you've got the skincare, and even if you don't do products in the health food space, but you Right. talk about it and you write blogs about it and you post, tips and advice and tricks, you know, to get your kids to eat healthier, whatever it might be. You know what it is, it's attracting [00:16:00] that type of, of customer

[00:16:02] Michelle Novello: someone.

Yeah, you're right. I guess that's true. Same person that would be interested in that, would be interested in like natural skincare kind of stuff.

[00:16:08] Shannon Russell: Yeah, and the fact that you have that education in that you should absolutely. You know, let that be known and that should be something that's in your bio and that you are putting out there on social as well. Cause it just adds that extra level of credibility. Not everyone is, is educated in that I never thought of that. Yeah, that's true. Good point. Yeah. .

In time you'll be more comfortable being the face of the brand too, I know it's hard because we've been behind the camera for so long. I

[00:16:38] Michelle Novello: know. On television, I, maybe that's what it is. You have always been behind that camera. To be like, hi. I just like, am like, oh my God, I feel like I'm, I feel like I'm just like naked. I'm naked in the middle of like Times Square it's such like a weird feeling. Maybe I can. I'll ease into it.

[00:16:55] Shannon Russell: We always talk about networking to help build a business too. Mm-hmm. and you have [00:17:00] such a vast, big network from, the entertainment industry. So as weird as it might feel or awkward to.

Start telling people even on your personal Facebook page or Instagram, that, Hey, I launched this already,

[00:17:13] Michelle Novello: I feel so weird even doing that to be like, Hey, everybody, look, I could like talk about you or like a friend or something. I'd be like, this is. , for myself, I'm like, I wanna throw up to be like, Hey everybody, look what I've

[00:17:29] Shannon Russell: It's that self promotion. Awkward. Yes. honestly, in my opinion, it just gives you that little boost of confidence people will be jumping on how exciting is this? Supporting you and it's not about, The purchases and what these people will buy from you. It's not that at all, right? It's more of just, Michelle, this is amazing and I wanna support you by sharing it on my page because all it takes. , you sharing something with someone else for them to see it, and then that's where the, the social network goes and it can just grow so much. So just think of it as a way [00:18:00] for Yeah, your friends and colleagues all these years to be impressed with what you're doing and support you and give you that boost of confidence.

[00:18:07] Michelle Novello: I've given a lot of products to like friends or whatever. I'm trying to get feedback. Mm-hmm and if people are like, oh my God, I love it. I don't care if you're even buying it, it just makes me so happy. My friend Dave was like, I went to the dermatologist today, she had like a skin cancer possible lesion. and they were like, you know, come back in a couple months, we'll, like biopsy it. She'd been using one of our products and she came back and they were like, wait, we're not even gonna biopsy it. It looks amazing. And she was like, that's all I've been using. And my sister-in-law was like, it's helping my eczema. Nothing has been working for my doctor. It's just so exciting. . Like you're getting any sort of benefit like that, like ugh.

[00:18:43] Shannon Russell: It's like the best proof of concept, right? Yeah. Made it. You're hoping, and now you're hearing that get that testimonial, put that out there and Right. Maybe you write an article. , since you love deep diving and learning, diving into something like this that you're interested in, what is it about the ingredients that [00:19:00] you're choosing that have these benefits? Pose yourself as an educator in this space and educating how, this simple product can do X, Y, and Z, right? , you wanna make. Makes sense to people who would rather just pick up whatever lotion from C v s or Rite Aid. Yeah. So instead you can say, well you could do that, but this is so easy and you can make it with this, and people aren't gonna make it at home, so they're gonna buy your product or start investing in, natural skincare as well. Yeah.

[00:19:32] Michelle Novello: If you wanna make yourself great, but just to like change your mind and like you're wasting your money on things that are like 90% water. I learned doing this process. You could have .1% of an effective ingredient and you could call that whole thing like, oh, this is like an aragon face oil, but it's like you could have 0.1% it. , that's so wrong to me. cause I actually want it to work.

[00:19:55] Shannon Russell: So I didn't know that. You're already educating me about these products and that's how you can [00:20:00] stand out too, by educating us on on the

[00:20:02] Michelle Novello: differences. Yeah, that's actually a good idea. Even if I do something like that on social media, put little, like informational. Yeah, I've learned so much in the past couple years, like kind of learning about this stuff. Maybe that's a good idea too.

[00:20:15] Shannon Russell: Canva is a great, resource and they have free and paid, free really offers so much, you could start with that. And that's just a great place to make graphics. You can make infographics, you can make reels, they give you really great templates. Okay. That's something that you could definitely do and just, pop up those little statistics because that'll make someone. look and say, oh really? Did she just say that 90% water is in this lotion? It's really kinda driving the point home. Okay. I love that you're so into the ingredients and, and that makes me want to support you, right? As a consumer, you're like, okay, she knows what she's talking about. So the more you can show that, the more. You are to the people who are following you and learning more about you.

[00:20:59] Michelle Novello: [00:21:00] This is so helpful. Cause like, I think like, oh, everyone knows it. You know, it's like no one's sitting at home researching this cuz they're not doing it


[00:21:07] Shannon Russell: What other questions do you have? I was thinking more about your. operating side of your business, you get the orders and then you're processing and making the products and then shipping it out. How is your strategy and your systems in place to do all of that?

[00:21:20] Michelle Novello: The shipping part, for where I am. I've kind of learned a lot about, like someone said to me recently, like they're I love getting your packages because it's like a little experience. I do like a certain thing with like little like cards and they're like, that means a lot. Okay, that's actually worth the time. Or like the extra effort. honestly, like I learned so much from other people doing this. YouTubers like, the easiest streamline way to like ship things I can research it and get it. It's just the part about, all the things you just said I never thought of any of them. I think the big thing about coaching and stuff like that is, , you have a different perspective that like, I would never think [00:22:00] about. I never thought of all of those and I've been researching this for like two years, it's just that other perspective is, which is why I think this is so valuable. If you can see my notes, like they're like, everything you said, I'm like, oh, I never thought of that. Oh, I never thought of that. Oh, . Well that's

[00:22:13] Shannon Russell: good. That just means that you have the business locked down, the products locked down, and now it's just growing it and kind of getting the word to the masses.

[00:22:21] Michelle Novello: I only. This manageable part, you know? Obviously the tips you give me will grow and then I'll be like, okay, now what do I do? I'll be, I'll be at the, now what do I do again? Position .

[00:22:33] Shannon Russell: you are gonna grow and it's, it takes time, right? It just takes time. And how amazing that you have this flexible business that you can have with your little one and your soon-to-be addition to the family

[00:22:45] Michelle Novello: I'm not a big like planner, so I never thought of like, if I have kids, what would I do? Da. The universe kind of gives you some things that are supposed to happen. And this sort of felt very organic people started asking and what do we do And then it was [00:23:00] kind of like, wow, I could do this with kids. I kind of love the space that it's in, because I feel like people could benefit from this And I do want. obviously make it into a business that is profitable and is, something that's could be even more rewarding,

I'm getting so much out of it that. I just love it. Maybe it's like a midlife crisis. I don't know, but I love

[00:23:23] Shannon Russell: it, . That's ok. It's your second act.

You are, you are in it. Yeah.

[00:23:28] Michelle Novello: It's my second

[00:23:28] Shannon Russell: act. . where do you see the business growing in the next year? Do you feel like you're in a good place? Have some action steps that you can walk away from this call and do tomorrow?

[00:23:40] Michelle Novello: Everything that you've told me, I've taken so many notes, in the next year I probably need some check-in and like you to be like, did you do it? Did you do it? like I need accountability a bit and maybe, you know, I can be like, Hey, is this a good way to approach this? obviously you're the expert, you know more about like all the [00:24:00] stuff, not like I need you to hold my hand, but maybe just like be somewhere near me.


I wanna grow it. I don't need to be in like a Neiman Marcus. Like that's not my end goal, but I just wanna grow it in the sense of more people getting access to it and watching more reactions of people like yeah, I used it and it's great, da da da. I would love to be in some sort of a retail space Maybe smaller markets even like a Thrive market or something like that. Yeah. That kind of gears to that like audience, I don't think I'm there yet but I just think that kind of world and, you know, do I know what happens when I get there?

I have no idea. I have no idea what to do. If I got into like a retail space mm-hmm. , so that's another step. , another call we can

[00:24:45] Shannon Russell: have . Yes. Yes. You're doing this for the right reasons, you're doing this so that other people can get the products, have the benefits from it, and it's fulfilling you and what you need in your life and your family right now, too, so, mm-hmm.

I'm glad that you're [00:25:00] in such a good space and you're, you're doing it. Can you tell us where, our listeners can find the products and learn more about you and follow.

[00:25:09] Michelle Novello: the website is Lussi Skin, so it's lussiskin.com. The Instagram is @lussiskin, and Etsy is also the Etsy Lucy skin,

[00:25:22] Shannon Russell: I love it. Well, I will link to everything in the show notes and just know that I can be your accountability partner. That's what career coaches do. I'm here if you have any questions. Always feel free to reach back out, and I'm happy to help and I'm excited to see how Lussi Skin evolves and grows over the next year.

I love it.

[00:25:41] Michelle Novello: though This meeting is very valuable because you did the work to like research all of this you just wanna save me a year of research,

[00:25:47] Shannon Russell: so, Aw, I'm so happy. Well, thank you Michelle. This has been so great. Thanks for coming on. Yeah, of

[00:25:53] Michelle Novello: course. I love it. It's been my pleasure. Thank you so

[00:25:56] Shannon Russell: much. Thank you.

I have to give a [00:26:00] special thank you to Michelle Novello, founder of Lussi Skin for joining me today for the first career shift strategy session here on the podcast. My goal for the strategy session episodes is that you can listen and gather tips and advice that you can then take with you into your job, your business and your career.

Many times it helps to hear what others are going through in their jobs or businesses so that we don't feel so alone. How long it takes for us to find success. Whatever that means to us is going to be different for everyone. But we can all learn from each other and support each other along the way.

If you would like to be a guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast and get some career coaching from me, then I would love to have you. To apply for a career shift strategy session. Simply DM me on Instagram. I'm @ Or you can email hello@secondactsuccess.co.

Be sure to tell me why you need some career coaching and how I can help you. I look [00:27:00] forward to hearing from you and I can't wait for you to join me on the next episode of the Second Act Success Podcast. I'm Shannon Russell wishing you a beautiful day of success.

Thank you for joining us. I hope you found some gems of inspiration and some takeaways to help you on your path to Second Act Success. To view show notes from this episode, visit secondactsuccess.co. Before you go, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss a single episode. Reviews only take a few moments and they really do mean so much.

Thank you again for listening. I'm Shannon Russell. And this is Second Act Success.


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