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Benefits to Using a Career Coach: Benefits to Using a Career Coach

September 23, 2022

Benefits to Using a Career Coach Have you ever wondered what a career coach does? Or what are the benefits to using a career coach? You have probably heard the term before, but likely associated it with high-level executives or conversely, graduate and undergraduate students looking to start their first career.  In college, talking to […]

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Benefits to Using a Career Coach

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Have you ever wondered what a career coach does? Or what are the benefits to using a career coach? You have probably heard the term before, but likely associated it with high-level executives or conversely, graduate and undergraduate students looking to start their first career. 

In college, talking to career advisors is considered normal. You are young, you may not know exactly what you want to do, or if you do, you may not know how to get there. Visiting the career center makes sense. You can talk to a career coach to find direction, refine your skills, and build an understanding of what careers will work for you – and which won’t. 

Later in life, the concept of a career coach is similar. Yet, career coaches are too often underutilized.

So often, as adults, we feel like we should be completely self-reliant. We should know all the answers. We put pressure on ourselves to be autonomous. Asking for help is considered a weakness, a failure in being an adult. However, nothing could be further from the truth – especially when it comes to your career.  

There are many benefits to using a career coach at all levels of your career. 


8 Reasons to Use a Career Coach

Guided Career Assessment

Coaches will spend initial sessions working with you to identify your specific career goals. They will focus on both short-term and long-term goals, for example:

  • Are you looking to start your own business?
  • Or would you like to switch concentrations? 

They will help you objectively determine your strengths and weaknesses as an employee/entrepreneur.

  • Do you excel in writing or presenting?
  • Do you have outstanding interpersonal skills?
  • Is it a struggle following a bosses’ rules?
  • Are you more of a big picture person, but struggle with executing the details?  

A career coach will help you outline your list of needs vs wants. 

  • Do you need to have flexible hours to be there for your kids, but just want to work from home?
  • Do you need autonomy and independence when you work, but just want to be self-employed? 

Create a Fulfillment Path 

After working with you to figure out what your objectives are, a career coach will help you develop an achievable path towards meeting your goal. This may include identifying courses or certificates to develop necessary skills. Or possibly suggesting internships or specific experience to build your resume. During this stage, your coach will work with you to establish benchmarks in order to track progress and continually drive success.


Define Your Value Proposition and Develop Your Pitch

One important part of a career coaches’ job is to help you build the confidence and ability to know your worth. You will work together to craft your own value proposition. What is it that you bring to the table? What are your key attributes? You and your coach will build your personal pitch, so that you can succinctly and effectively convey why you are right for the job, what you bring to the table and what sets you apart from other candidates. 


Out of the Box Thinking

Oftentimes workers have been in the same job or same industry for so long, that their focus narrows to very limited options. Qualified career coaches can help you question your assumptions. Perhaps your pharmaceutical industry experience lends well to a teaching job? Or like Renata Jenik, your big Tech experience sets you up perfectly for launching your own web-based startup. Coaches can give you a push towards unconventional options and helping you move passed self-imposed limitations. 


Motivation Through Regular Sessions 

It is so easy to procrastinate career goals, when family, health, leisure and your current job get in the way. Partnering with a certified coach can help instill accountability. Every session, your coach will work with you to build your sense of self-motivation, while creating achievable milestones. Seeing this progress helps strengthen your determination and conviction, reinforcing your belief that real change can happen. 


All In the Details

Career coaches don’t just focus on the big picture stuff. As they say, ‘ the devil is in the details.’ Your coach will help you rewrite a more powerful and eye-catching resume. You can work on cover letters together, highlighting your unique value proposition. Together you and your coach will practice your interview skills and polish your pitch, so you can go to any job interview with confidence and peace of mind.


Access Valuable Resources

One of the biggest benefits of a career coach is the access to numerous resources that they can provide. Through the sheer nature of their job, they have connections with countless influential individuals. Whether it’s recruiters or former clients, specialists or HR executives, they will be better positioned to help you get the introductions you need to stand out. Furthermore, many career coaches will offer extended or lifetime access to their network, lending ongoing support and assistance as you need it. 



Some coaches will offer industry-specific specialization. For example, Fiona Valentina specializes in artistic careers, or Debra Alfarone who specializes in on-camera coaching. Shannon, here on Second Act Success, specializes in helping women transition careers, finding the perfect career for their new phase of life. 

If you know what you are looking for, seeking a career coach that specializes in your area can be invaluable. Generalized career coaches can be equally valuable in helping people discover what they are looking for and what kind of careers they should be focusing on. 


Find your Career Coach

Collaborating with a career coach is a strategic, proactive step in furthering your career. Whether you are looking to move up the ladder within your existing company or branch out into something completely new, a career coach can equip you with the mindset and focus that you need to succeed. 

If you are looking to take the next step in your career, reach out for a consultation. Shannon will work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your dreams and produce your best life.