3 Takeways From Podcast Movement | Ep #26

September 1, 2022

3 Takeaways From Podcast Movement | Ep #26 I feel like we went on a trip together this past week my friend! I attended Podcast Movement in Dallas and I have takeaways from all that I learned that I just had to share. These are my 3 takeaways on taking care of yourself, taking advantage […]

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Shannon Russell at Podcast Movement


3 Takeaways From Podcast Movement | Ep #26

I feel like we went on a trip together this past week my friend! I attended Podcast Movement in Dallas and I have takeaways from all that I learned that I just had to share. These are my 3 takeaways on taking care of yourself, taking advantage of all podcasts have to offer, and finding your people. 

Show Notes:

Podcast Movement – https://podcastmovement.com/

Bloom and Grow Radio – https://bloomandgrowradio.com/

Sober Powered Podcast – https://www.soberpowered.com/

$10K Dollar Day Podcast – https://www.10kdollarday.com/welcome


Second Act Success Podcast
Season 1 -Episode #26 - Podcast Movement Takeaways with Shannon | Ep #26
Host: Shannon Russell
Transcription (*created by Descript and may not be perfectly accurate)

[00:00:00] Shannon: Are you at a crossroads in your career or in life? Don't worry because life's next chapter is waiting. This is the Second Act Success Podcast. I am your host Shannon Russell. It is time to shine. So let's turn the page and get started. Welcome to Second Act Success.

Hi, my friend Shannon here. I wanted to record a quick solo episode this week, just to tell you that I, feel like we just went on vacation together. A virtual girls' trip, if you will. Is that weird? Let me explain. So I'm still recovering from the major brain overload that was Podcast Movement. It was a conference for podcasters in Dallas this past week. This event was amazing, but it was overwhelming at the same time. It brings together thousands of podcasters and industry professionals to meet, learn, and share ideas on how we can make the best possible content for you.

I'm talking 10 [00:01:00] stages, hundreds of workshops and breakout sessions and a lot of talking. Especially as we wind down from the pandemic, it was a lot, I even ran into several guests of the podcast who I recorded with, but the episodes have aired yet. So it was a really surreal to run into them at this conference in person and kind of chat at the fact that we've only really met virtually online. But it was great to spend time with them in person. I also met so many podcasters who I've listened to for years. And I made friends with incredible new hosts to. My highlight of the week was meeting one of my favorite hosts who I've listened to for years and years. Like my first podcast ever, when I opened my other business, I decided to start listening to some entrepreneur podcasts and I came across. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire. It's a huge, huge podcast in the space and he is absolutely incredible. I got to sit in on a talk with him and actually meet him in person and say, thank you. I actually went up to him and said, [00:02:00] thank you for changing my life. John you've taught me so much. it was really just really cool. I fan girl completely when I met him.

But aside from all of the people that I met and the things that I learned, I wanted to share a few things with you that really stood out to me at this conference in the hopes that it would be helpful to you too.

Number one, find your people. Guys at this event, I found my people. I went completely alone and I was surrounded by strangers, but we were all aligned in a similar mission of creating content to help others in the form of our podcasts.

Producing a podcast can be really lonely at times since it's really just me and my microphone. But gathering with others this past week made me feel like I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. It helped assure me of my path and I feel energized and excited for what's to come.

My takeaway for you is that you need a tribe to. If you are feeling alone or at a crossroads in your life or your career. Then you need to turn to someone else to help so that you know that you are not alone on this journey.[00:03:00] None of us are, it feels like at times, but we are not alone. It's just a matter of looking to see who is available to be that ear that we need, or that person that we can lean on in times that are tough.

A feeling of being in it with someone is a safety net that we all need sometimes. This person, the safety net will help us move along on our path. I hope this podcast can be that source of comfort for you on days when you really need it. I hope hearing my guests and their stories comforts you and encourages you to walk in confidence every day.

Number two. Learn together. Podcasts are often aligned with a business. This podcast is to help inspire women to step outside of the comfort zone. That is their current career. And step into a life that brings them balance and abundance. As you know, I coach women on how to make this leap into a new career or life change. And I have an online course coming out this fall as well. Listeners can choose to work with me, or they can soak in all of the free content that I put out each [00:04:00] week.

Well, other podcasters produce shows to teach you literally any topic that you were interested in. While at the conference, I met the host of Bloom and Grow Radio. She is known as the plant lady who helps you learn to keep your plants alive and blooming. I also met the host of Sober Powered. A podcast that is all about the struggles of sobriety and offers you tips to find freedom from alcohol. I also laughed so much, meeting the ladies behind the $10K Dollar Day podcast, which is a comedy show about taking an imaginary $10,000 a day vacation. It's goal is to entertain, of course, but these ladies have created a community of loyal listeners who love travel and they laugh and learn about the world together. I'll leave links to all of these shows in the show notes. If you want to check them out, all our super cool shows by incredible women. So if there is something you want to learn or you need help with simply search a topic on your podcast player, wherever you listen, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google podcast, Wherever. [00:05:00] And I bet you'll discover some new podcasts that you'll wish you knew about sooner. Podcasts are here to teach. Podcasts are here to entertain And together we can form a sense of community around the podcast that we love. And learn and laugh along the way as well.

Number Three. Let your heart be your guide. So life gets crazy. We all know this. Sometimes it feels like things will never slow down. Am I right? This summer was probably the most hectic for me in a long time. We are getting a pool installed at the house. Yay. But the contractor has been awful to work with and it is now September 1st and the pool is not finished. So The summer did not go as we planned, my kids had been in and out of camps. Or sitting on the couch with their iPads while my husband and I work from home. Maybe you can relate to the craziness of summer with young kids while you're trying to work. It's just not an easy feat at all.

Aside from this podcast, I am coaching clients and working to build out my Second Act Accelerator course that we'll be launching this fall. Oh, the deadlines are real. Not [00:06:00] to mention that summer is the busiest season for my Snapology business, which you may have heard me talk we lead summer camps for kids at our center and at a million different locations, all around town, all summer long. It has been a lot to juggle for sure. Thank goodness. I have an amazing team to run Snapology while I concentrate on Second Act success. Shout out to my friend and phenomenal manager. Tracy, I love you. And I don't know what I would do without you. Anyway, my point being is that we all lead busy lives and there is never a good time to step outside of our comfort

I could have easily said a week away to a podcasting conference is not possible right now. But in my heart, I felt like I had to make this trip a priority for me and for my business. And, you know, what. I needed those days away, just me and my thoughts and my laptop. Of course. No kids, no businesses, no employees. Just me.

I had time to look inside and think about where I am today. And where the trajectory of my life and businesses are going. It's like a [00:07:00] meeting for one. If you think about it. So You have time to listen to your thoughts and for once you get to feel what's in your heart as well.

As women, we rarely give ourselves the grace to be still in present and answer the questions. How am I. Am I okay right now. Am I happy? Are things aligned the way I want them to These questions are so important to take the time to ask. And we just never seem to find that time. I urge you to find the time this fall. Take the time, even if it's just an extra five minutes in the bathroom each morning. Check in with yourself because the days fly by and sometimes you stop and say, did I eat lunch? Have I peed since 7:00 AM. Oh, I forgot to get dressed. And it's now 2:00 PM and I'm in my pajamas. What am I doing? Right. if you have an opportunity to take time for you, Please do it. It doesn't have to be a week away. Maybe an hour alone with a book in the backyard. Maybe it's an afternoon to sit with Google and research that career or [00:08:00] that school program that you've been thinking about. My point is to take a moment during the chaos of each day to listen to you. What is your heart telling you? I bet you haven't given yourself the space to even look inside lately and that's okay. Trust me. I get it. I'm just hoping that this will serve as a reminder to listen to your heart and give yourself the time to let it guide you.

This is it for today. Just had to share what was on my heart with you. Because like I said, I feel like you were on this trip with me. Everything I learned at the conference. I will be implementing into the show with you in mind. My hope is that every time you join me on this podcast, you will walk away with something that you can take with you throughout your day. A reminder that you are not alone. I'm right there with you figuring out my journey as you trek along yours. Thank you for listening. And I'll talk to you soon. My friend.

[00:08:54] Shannon: Think you're ready to start a second act. I created a freebie that will help. It's my Second Act [00:09:00] Blueprint with five questions that you should ask yourself before you make this massive decision. To check it out, go to secondactsuccess.co and download the Second Act Blueprint today.

Thank you for joining us. I hope you found some gems of inspiration and some takeaways to help you on your path to Second Act Success. To view show notes from this episode, visit secondactsuccess.co. Before you go, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. So you don't miss a single episode. Reviews only take a few moments and they really do mean so much. Thank you again for listening. I am Shannon Russell, and this is Second Act Success.



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